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Pat Malone
8th Nov 2013, 11:17
Social media sites today are full of rumours that Kate Middleton has been taking flying lessons.
If so, it could revitalise the private flight training industry by making learning to fly the coolest and most fashionable thing you could do.
One presumes she's had her lessons from the RAF.

8th Nov 2013, 11:21
The last lesson she had from the RAF resulted in Prince George.

8th Nov 2013, 11:24
"The last lesson she had from the RAF resulted in Prince George."


8th Nov 2013, 11:27
The last lesson she had from the RAF resulted in Prince George.

need a new keyboard hahahahahaha :}:}:}:}:}:}:}:}:}:}:}:}

8th Nov 2013, 11:37

They're being smutty towards our Kate. :}

8th Nov 2013, 12:05
Smutty my arse.

It's called banter and I am sure Prince William would laugh his head off.

8th Nov 2013, 12:07
Lessons from the RAF.......if that's the case, there'll be the usual suspects lining up to complain.

Lon More
8th Nov 2013, 12:11
I knew jumping off the wardrobe then swinging from the chandelier would come back into fashion.

I hope her flying career ends better than her Father in Law's did in 1995 (http://www.pprune.org/military-aircrew/271099-prince-charles-prang-isle-islay-june-1995-a.html)

8th Nov 2013, 12:11
In the Daily Mail (http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2492332/Kate-Duchess-Cambridge-taking-flying-lessons-Prince-Harry-teacher.html), so it must be right.

8th Nov 2013, 12:17
Job done

I wanted it to end up in JB as the gene pool that frequents, is much superior.

8th Nov 2013, 12:19

I knew as soon as I posted on this thread it would be moved and
sure enough, it was.

8th Nov 2013, 12:32
I thought only failed asylum seekers got such privileges paid for by the taxpayers.

8th Nov 2013, 12:39

There's a reference to it in the Times as well, but I haven't got round to reading the article yet.

Lon More
8th Nov 2013, 12:52
They ran this (http://bulawayo24.com/index-id-news-sc-international-byo-5460-article-helicopter+blows+the+duchess+'kate+middleton'+skirt+up%3A+ph otos.html) in Bulawayo :} (nice bum)

8th Nov 2013, 12:57
Nah; smutty's when we start discussing the medical.

8th Nov 2013, 13:30
Royal Baby George??.a friend sent me this.....

He's 'Murican too......:cool:

The new Royal Baby, George, has already done
three of the things on my bucket list.
1. Become a billionaire
2. Met the Queen
3. Sucked Kate Middleton's Tits

tony draper
8th Nov 2013, 13:59
Hope the Lass has her priorities right
1, learn how to make a good Yorkshire Pudding for her man
2, learn how to fly.
Poor Yorkshire Pudding is still grounds for divorce up here.

Straighten Up
8th Nov 2013, 14:26
That's made my morning.

Such a shame that on the daily hate mail website there's always so much anti-royal bashing.

8th Nov 2013, 14:58
Fliegs, yer a norty, norty person. :ok:

wings folded
8th Nov 2013, 15:51
Kate Middleton learning to fly
I have not listened to it yet, but I was always fond of the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers version

8th Nov 2013, 16:11
Actually I prefer "Learning To Fly" by Pink Floyd from the 'Momentary Lapse of Reason' album!

Sailor Vee
8th Nov 2013, 16:15
This may be difficult for some to understand and a tad pedantic, but her name is not Middleton any more. :rolleyes:

8th Nov 2013, 16:23

Good choice :ok:

Lightning Mate
8th Nov 2013, 16:24
So when she's flying, what does the Royal protection squad do ?

wings folded
8th Nov 2013, 16:32
Actually I prefer "Learning To Fly" by Pink Floyd from the 'Momentary Lapse of Reason' album!

I am very fond of that too.

The thing about Tom Petty, though, is that if she turns out not to be too good at it, he has got that covered too with "Free Falling"

Dak Man
8th Nov 2013, 16:41
Who's paying?

8th Nov 2013, 16:45
Silly question.

Her husband, who else :O

Lightning Mate
8th Nov 2013, 16:52
No - they are supported by Prince Charles.

8th Nov 2013, 16:55
Gotta get this posted before Caco finds it.;)


8th Nov 2013, 17:04
After first lesson, will she have flaps fully extended:E

DX Wombat
8th Nov 2013, 19:07
So when she's flying, what does the Royal protection squad do ? They follow at a suitable distance.


8th Nov 2013, 19:15
I thought the royals only learned to fly hecilopters (comes the revolution and all that), or is this the first step?

wings folded
8th Nov 2013, 21:07
Heavy XXX, give way to traffic right 2 o'clock, student princess and mother on board, acknowledge.

8th Nov 2013, 21:10

Bit late for that :O

wings folded
8th Nov 2013, 21:30
But she had the yellow "Baby on Board " sticker prominently visible.

8th Nov 2013, 21:33
A bit like giving way to a truck regardless of what the road signs say :O

8th Nov 2013, 21:37
Good for her.
Why ever shouldn't she.

DX Wombat
8th Nov 2013, 22:01
No reason at all. I did it when I was quite a bit older than she is. Good luck to her.

8th Nov 2013, 22:17
Once she qualifies, I understand she is going to pull a few strings, and apply to her Mum's old airline for a job.

8th Nov 2013, 22:20
More like apply one up and go for a pilots job :O

Maybe she is trying to become a pilot so she can scare the living daylights
out of William like he does when she is on the back of his Ducati ?

8th Nov 2013, 22:42
When Fergie learnt to fly helicopters I think it was all civvy, no military involvement at all.

8th Nov 2013, 23:20
Good luck to the lady.

She won't ever be an airline captain unless she buys a big watch - and gets a bigger ego!

9th Nov 2013, 00:48
I would be honored to be her flight instructor. She is one fine lady and Prince William has a wife the caliber of his mother. Hope she enjoys the experience as much as we all had.

9th Nov 2013, 00:56
I also think it is good.

Question is, will she and William ever be allowed to fly in the same small aircraft with her Piloting ?

Dak Man
9th Nov 2013, 01:07
All airline pilots are Princesses, aren't they? except Bruce Dickinson.

9th Nov 2013, 01:19
Jealousy Dak Man, a terrible thing!:)

Dak Man
9th Nov 2013, 01:21
touched a nerve eh pbum...;)

9th Nov 2013, 01:58
Nope! retired now after nearly 46 years of aviation, there was no room for a 'princess' in those days, very quickly debunked :)

(standing by for list of stories about 'princesses' to follow!;))

9th Nov 2013, 02:59
She must have been misquoted

Kate Middleton learning to fry.

...and they lived happily ever after.

9th Nov 2013, 09:34
If this is true I cannot help but feel it is a bit of a PR backfire.

People deciding between heating and food, all of us probably going to be working till we drop dead at work, most people unable to afford a roof over their head, and yet one of the most privileged people on Earth wants to go learn to fly.

At least wait till Summer when everything 'seems' better

Cant she just take up knitting ?

Lon More
9th Nov 2013, 10:34
and yet one of the most privileged people on Earth wants to go learn to fly.

Things are improving. A couple of hundred years ago they'd have chopped off your head for treason for saying that. I expect this thread will be reported in the Daily Wail in a month's time together with a call to bring back hanging.

9th Nov 2013, 11:06
While I am delighted that Ms Middleton is learning to fly and wish her well (the more people that learn to fly the better methinks), one can only note that directly or indirectly her lifestyle is being supported by the British tax payer and yet not one word of disapproval from the 'Wail' and its readership here on PPRuNe and yet some Ethiopian boy is castigated for doing the same...

Makes one wonder, it really does!


9th Nov 2013, 11:29
Anglesey instructors :rolleyes:

9th Nov 2013, 11:33


There a first time for everything.......:ok:

9th Nov 2013, 11:43

We have to stop this! ;)

Where will this site be if somebody is not pooh-poohing somebody else's pooh-pooh? :ok:


9th Nov 2013, 11:45

Agreed again.......this is becoming worrying.


9th Nov 2013, 12:06
Lon - 200 years ago they would have lopped her head off for thinking she could fly...

9th Nov 2013, 13:23
Dak Man posed a relevent question: Who's paying?

Is she taking Private Lessons <R 18+> (http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0082948/) or is the UK's current non-socialist government contributing in some way?

Whatever, it's lucky she doesn't need any further lessons in flying choppers - that would have been a dead give-away, and proof that she would indeed have depended on the collective at some stage recently. We should be told...

Ancient Observer
9th Nov 2013, 13:42
I wonder about coincidences.

The CAA have recently done an awful lot of Spinning about reducing the Regulatory burden on GA.

Nothing about reducing prices, though.

If the Middleton woman and her hubby get in to GA, maybe someone in the CAA wants a Knighthood? Or a Damehood???

9th Nov 2013, 15:17
If the Middleton woman and her hubby get in to GA, maybe someone in the CAA wants a Knighthood? Or a Damehood???

Too late! Current Chair of the CAA is Dame Deirdre Mary Hutton CBE. Reportedly Queen of the Quango's