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8th Nov 2013, 03:12
Surely not, the oil companies? manipulating prices? say it ain't so

They've been a bit naughty, or maybe a bit careless, or both (http://www.theguardian.com/business/2013/nov/06/bp-shell-rigging-oil-prices-us)

8th Nov 2013, 08:10
It is not illegal for one petrol station to put up their posted prices (on those big signs out front), wait an hour or so, and put them down again if the guy across the street didn't match. It would be illegal if the first guy called the second and said "Hey, look at our sign"

It is illegal for the companies to agree to match such transactions when they see them.

The multi-billion anti-competition fines in the air cargo business came about from a bunch of airlines agreeing to watch the pricing activity of one of the larger companies and to take 'appropriate' action. No agreement that they would match the activity, only that they would watch for it.

G&T ice n slice
8th Nov 2013, 16:44
It is highly unlikely.

They're not the type of organisations that have supported dictatorships, assisted with the overthrow of legally elected governments, assisted with the ousting of dictators when a better man comes along, indulged in bribery & corruption of government officials, made a wasteland of pristine rainforest, condoned the forcible removal (one way or another) of awkward indigenous peoples or anything like that.

So we can be pretty sure they've not been attempting to rig the oil price.

Yes, we can trust these people.

8th Nov 2013, 18:46
All I'm going to say is that gasoline (petrol) is under $2.80 a US gallon here now. Predicted to go down another .10 cents a gallon or more by Christmas.

Oops, take that back, just checked, lowest price in Oklahoma City is $2.58 a US gallon. :D

Loose rivets
8th Nov 2013, 19:29
3.78541/2.58 = .681564 dollars per litres.

pound / dollar c 1.6 today. 42.6 pennies per litre. Have I done this right?

Having just spent a fortune on Gas in the UK, I put the receipts in a bag and forgot about them. I was enjoying whizzing round corners and decided not to worry about cost. Back in Texas, fuel is indeed cheap, but at o7:30 this morning in my normally silent road, I could hear Tires/tyres from the highway c 2 miles away. Worrying. All over the world folk are making that noise. Well, not on the North Pole, but you know what I mean. Most places I go, even looking out of the village pub window, people are making that noise. Here, the tires are bigger, and make more noise. More energy loss, and more gobbling of Earth's resources to make them.

It's a worry.

8th Nov 2013, 21:52
In the aftermath of the recent unrest at Grangemouth (petroleum processing plant) it was stated that refined fuel can be shipped to Britain from the USA cheaper than it can be refined in Britain.

Part of the difference in cost (probably the major part) is the initial cost of the unrefined crude oil (although prices are closing).

Supplies of oil from the USA exceed demand in the USA so the price per barrel is lower than oil from the North Sea or the Middle East.

Pappa Smurf
8th Nov 2013, 22:34
Majority of countries pay more tax on fuel than the USA pay for the full price.
Tax is only around 13c/litre(54c/gallon)
Australia is around 72c/litre which is nearly half retail price of fuel.
And Europe way higher.
Its a wonder Obama hasn't upped it to help pay off some debt.

9th Nov 2013, 05:15
I filled the tank for $2.99/gallon today in Ann Arbor, Michigan. Haven't seen that in a while.

9th Nov 2013, 07:12
$US6.29 per US gallon for diesel when I filled my tank here in Broome, Australia. Mind you, that is truely in the outback of Australia.