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9th May 2002, 20:58
Just last weekend here in Nigeria, Kano to be precise a BAC-111-500 series crashed minutes after take-off into a populated area killing people on the ground with about 100 passengers, and only two survivors.

The scene is so castrophic and really very sad indeed all these lives lost, what could have happened!!!

People on the ground say that the y saw an engine on fire and the aircraft was wobbling from side to side, from the crash site one can see that the aircraft impacted the ground real hard.

The Captain and Co-pilot are seasoned men on the BAC-111 and have been flying for years and I strongly feel that an engine failure after take-off could have been contained by these guys and succesfully flown back to the airport in Kano as should have been in this case.

People are now talking about this aircraft and its problems especially as they are quite old and look darned tired here in Nigeria, they have actually all been grounded today by the NCAA.

Any information or idea from this respected forum about the BAC-111 and what could have occured will be welcomed and highly appreciated.


PS. I don't remember the temp that day but it was a very hot and humid day and kano is above sea level by over 1000".

Flight Detent
11th May 2002, 13:59
Last time I went into Kano, a couple of months ago, the ILS glideslope was inop, the tower didn't know, and didn't seem to interested in hearing about it.

Captain Stable
11th May 2002, 14:22
Without knowing more details, anything here is going to be no more than pointless speculation.

Zazoo, there are literally thousands of factors that could have affected this sad incident. One of the pilots could have had a toothache or could have sneezed at just the wrong moment. There may have been some minor unserviceability on the aircraft. They could have had a bird strike in the engine followed by another on the windscreen just as they were sorting out the first one, etc. etc.

Hot and high certainly affects an aircraft's performance. I know that the 1-11 is a pig to fly (I've tried, and prefer it marginally to the F27 - but only marginally). There have also in the past been accusations that the aviation infrastructure in Nigeria is not that all it could be.

As I say, all is useless speculation. If there is a website where some form of official report into the incident is available, perhaps you could point us at it?

11th May 2002, 19:33
Okay I kindda see your point but now we are getting some information out, that the Aeroplane just made it off the ground right at the runway end and officials say they actually saw the tail section strike the ground on lift-off and the aircraft shudder like hell as it tried to maintain its climb out !

Well what can I say this is how it is, hmmpf... thanks guys.


12th May 2002, 00:54
The max temp for operating a BAC1-11 was 43C at sea level.

13th May 2002, 06:26
Sorry, ZAZOO, I agree with Captain Stable - this topic closed until some real information is revealed.