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8th Nov 2013, 01:55

Courthouse News Service (http://www.courthousenews.com/2013/11/06/62717.htm)

...jeez I needa class action...don't think my Prozac is cutting it anymore... :rolleyes:

8th Nov 2013, 06:50
Caramore says the defendants claim "the fabric is constructed with minerals and nutrients that are absorbed by the skin and can permanently change women's body shape and skin tone. For example, defendant Wacoal claims that that the shapewear fabric ... is constructed 'with embedded microcapsules containing caffeine to promote fat destruction; vitamin E to prevent the effects of aging; ceramides to restore and maintain the skin's smoothness; and retinol and aloe vera to moisturize and increase the firmness of the skin.'"
The lawsuit continues: "The Federal Trade Commission calls such claims 'about as credible as a note from the Tooth Fairy.'"
not worse than any regular advertising, I'd say - and the pics prove it makes wimmin look good - and if some company even made people believe they need soap to kill all the bacteria around them... :ouch:
well, as long as it does not harm actually and there are ...hm, the uninformed to have their legs pulled...

an interesting site anyway, thanks.

8th Nov 2013, 07:56
Do you really think that Pic is genuine non-retouched?

To me the boobs don't look 'real' (could be implants), the waist is too small, the right arm thinner than the left, the left leg have a funny wobbly shape. There is a blemish on her chin so I could be wrong. :rolleyes:

8th Nov 2013, 08:17
No, ExXB, I don't! :)
just thought the "mocking mood" smiley wasn't necessary for obvious absurdities :ouch:.

Mac the Knife
8th Nov 2013, 08:23
"....the pics prove it makes wimmin look good- "

Oh please! With PhotoShop (or GIMP in my case) I can make your granny look like Sweetie....



8th Nov 2013, 08:37
well... why not? :ouch:
Actually I was thinking about someone with a knife when I read (BBC) about surgeons having discovered something new in human knee. Ligament or tendon or something. How can it be that there is still something to discover - I would have thought the knives have seen everything there is to see, by now? :confused:

8th Nov 2013, 08:44
probes, I think the ALL was vaguely known, but its role in knee injuries not at all understood.

8th Nov 2013, 11:21
Clearly Photoshopped.....

The couch is all wrong.

8th Nov 2013, 14:36
I can make your granny look like Sweetie....

Shame you can't PersonalityShop my mother-in-law