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7th Nov 2013, 23:17
I've just read a story about a chap in the US who was tasered as he tried to enter the burning house that his daughter was in as he attempted to effect a rescue.

It would take more than a taser to stop me going into a burning building that my daughter was in, but I'm hardly alone in that instinct.

However, one wonders if the officers
saved this chap from himself? I suspect they did personally.

A horrible dilemma both personally and professionally. I have to say, even after a long time in the emergency services, I just don't what I would do.

The exact circumstances are, as always unclear - doesn't help I know.

7th Nov 2013, 23:30
Difficult dilemma, would suspect that the heat would probably save him anyway.

Very sad.

8th Nov 2013, 02:53
A heartbreaking situation, with no real winners. As a parent who has lost a child (in circumstances not at all comparable to this), I would prefer that they let me go and do whatever I could, even if it cost me my life. And I would not want anyone to question my decision; or theirs, that they let me do what I was committed to do as a father. I do believe that there are times when a life is honourably lost (maybe sacrificed) and the person making that choice is the only one that knows what they might have to live with or without.

8th Nov 2013, 04:25
I'm very worried by this. I would argue that any person has a right to try to save a their child, even if it means the ultimate sacrifice.
Clearly the man must have thought there was a chance to save the poor kid.

Dying doing this would be better than a lifetime of guilt for not trying IMHO.

Police stun stepdad trying to save son from fire - New York News (http://www.myfoxny.com/Story/23906473/police-stun-stepdad-trying-to-save-son-from-fire)

It was a son in this article, the comments at the end are very illuminating

Worrals in the wilds
8th Nov 2013, 05:08
Over the years I've heard a few stories of guys being punched out by bystanders to stop them going into a fire. :sad:

He was untrained and had no breathing equipment, so there wouldn't have been a good outcome for him. From the copper's perspective that would have meant two deaths instead of one, and he would have been making the decision while in the middle of a very stressful, rapidly changing situation.
I dunno; it's a tough one. On the balance I probably agree with David, but only just. :(

8th Nov 2013, 05:27
This man still has to live on knowing he didn't help get his child out.

It is a horrible mental torture that this man will live with all because a "do gooder" potentially saving his life.
He may have done, he may not have done. Its not the cops job to play god.
When i had come round from tazer and found out my child perished i would have beaten ten barrels of shit out of the copper.

8th Nov 2013, 07:01
A horrible situation but had he gone in then firefighters would've had to try to rescue two people, meaning more risk to them.

I know that they get paid to do this, but for someone to deliberately put themselves in harms way and by doing so potentially risk the lives of others is not really ideal.

The father and the Police must all be feeling pretty low about the situation.

8th Nov 2013, 07:29
An awful situation for all concerned, very sad.

Playing devil's advocate, what Law was the copper enforcing under these circumstances?

I'm not criticising as I would hate to be put in a situation like this where there is no black and white in regard to making the right decision.

Worrals in the wilds
8th Nov 2013, 08:32
Playing devil's advocate, what Law was the copper enforcing under these circumstances?'Failing to obey a lawful directive' is the local catch-all. I'd guess that Missouri has a similar law.