View Full Version : What on Earth were they thinking?

6th Nov 2013, 17:05
How could they possibly believe this was a good idea, and how could they be awarded first prize... the mind boggles at their stupidity.

BBC News - Twin Towers fancy dress students condemned (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-24835322)

6th Nov 2013, 17:08
Yup How could they, thank god Royals will never dress up as Nazis.........................oh wait.

6th Nov 2013, 17:10
I wonder if you can get those towers to fall down...............?

Dak Man
6th Nov 2013, 17:10
Is it any worse than royalty dressing up as Nazis?

6th Nov 2013, 17:15
Did I say it was acceptable for Royals to dress up as Nazi's?

Possibly the quickest thread hijack in history.

Bloody autocorrect! Edited to say "dress up" though fess up may be equally appropriate...

Did I say it was acceptable for Royals to fess up as Nazi's?

Dak Man
6th Nov 2013, 17:16
It's JB, man up and get used to it. ;)

6th Nov 2013, 18:02
Fancy Dress is fancy dress......................

Jewish groups complained that people dressing up as Concentration camps survivors while Jewish School felt acceptable to dress up as Nuns and Bishops..................

Gay groups complaining that people dressed up as gay people when they were not, well who knows on that one.

Police complaining that group dressed up as Muslims with bombs attached.........never figured out whether it was because of religion or bomb thing.

6th Nov 2013, 18:14
thinking? - probably that the costumes are a sure thing to get their pic to media - and they were right. :sad:

Captain Dart
6th Nov 2013, 18:21
This thread demonstrates Godwin's law in all its glory.

6th Nov 2013, 18:22
Said it before. The US needs a Cabinet level Czar of Apologies.

spInY nORmAn
6th Nov 2013, 18:29
Seems like this is the year for "Halloween Costume Outrage - Terrorist Edition". Here's the Boston Marathon version:

Boston Marathon victim Halloween costume sparks outrage online - National | Globalnews.ca (http://globalnews.ca/news/944928/boston-marathon-victim-halloween-costume-sparks-outrage-online/)

Dak Man
6th Nov 2013, 18:39
What's the scores on the doors?

Creativity 9
Presentation 11

6th Nov 2013, 20:11
...Sensitivity. Zero?

Or am I being a bit precious?

6th Nov 2013, 20:15

What do you mean by "the doors" ?

6th Nov 2013, 20:49
The girls do look quite similar. Now if they actually were twins, that would be very funny.

Take as much offence as you want. Plenty of it about if you can be bothered.

Dak Man
6th Nov 2013, 21:58
N. it's an old Larry Grayson catchphrase, from The Generation Game.

What's the scores on the doors?

6th Nov 2013, 22:11
And pray that you don't "crash and burn" trying.

6th Nov 2013, 23:56
I think they summed up the story at the bottom.

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