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5th Nov 2013, 19:56
At the very beginning of planning RTW trip for Nov 2014 and looking for advice and experiences of others especially wrt tickets/ routes/ best airline alliance. 6 -8 weeks away. Essentially a truncated adult " gap year" but without need to work.

All thoughts and reflections gratefully considered...

Thanks DH

5th Nov 2013, 19:58
best airline
Why not sail?

5th Nov 2013, 20:04
Did wonder about freighter travel but suspect Mrs DH would veto...

5th Nov 2013, 20:10
......Madame and I did that in 2007. We sat down and worked out where WE wanted to go and then went to the "company which finds a route" with our itinerary and they did a really good job in working it out for us. But YOU need to know what YOU want - they won't plan it for you.

We specified no oh god o'clock starts or arrivals. We had a limited number of objectives - there is no way you will see all of the world in that short time.

Don't underestimate fatigue - there is no point in going to "THE" place and find all you want to do is find a really comfy bed and sleep.

In answer to my own initial question - no it's not. We took two months and could have done with more.

Good luck with it.

The Ancient Mariner

5th Nov 2013, 20:13
Goggle Trailfinders.

They are excellent at arranging these trips and know all the tricks.

5th Nov 2013, 20:24
Go west rather than east - jetlag seems to be less that way round.

OTOH, why not miss out the USA (I'm not suggesting it isn't worth visiting, but 1 months wouldn't be enough to begin to get the feel of the place). You could always leave the USA 'for later'.

Come to think of it, your 6-8 weeks isn't really enough to do justice to any continent (apart from Antarctica, perhaps).

5th Nov 2013, 20:37
.....angels gave away my disguised clue - but he's right.

and G-CPTN also got it right, I think. For us westabout was best, eg depart Aberdeen 1400 12th Aug - arrive Vancouver 1830 same date. Taxi to B&B, out for a meal and a drink or two, good night's sleep, ready to rock'n'roll next morning.
The NZ tourist board have a fantastic site and B&Bs are plentiful. We prefer B&Bs as you get to meet people more than you would in hotels. More interesting.
Whichever way you go the transPacific leg is the killer probably a minimum of 13/14 hours not good.

The Ancient Mariner

5th Nov 2013, 21:02
Even the pacific can be done in steps, YVR HNL NAN AKL SYD, or YVR HNL GUM CNS SYD

5th Nov 2013, 23:07
It is usually cheaper to buy a RWT ticket at the beginning than a series of separate tickets, like others have said, there are specialist travel agents for this. Doing it by sea on a freighter would costs you thousands! (Melbourne to Singapore, for example, $3700.00).

Solid Rust Twotter
6th Nov 2013, 04:39
Go South.

Day or two in SA then fly out to the Bazaruto archipelago in Mozambique for five days lounging about on a tropical island and loads of diving. Back to SA for a trip to the Cape winelands and the Kruger park, then across to Namibia for a week at Sossusvlei and a camping trip through the desert areas. Shoot across to Maun in Botswana for a few days in the Okavango and a few days in Chobe. Short hop to Livingstone in Zambia for Vic Falls then Kafue park for a few days. From there to Lake Malawi for a couple of days at one of the lake lodges, diving and relaxing, then Lilongwe Nairobi for a week in Diani Beach or Mombasa before heading to Uganda. Few days in the Lake Vic hotel in Entebbe while you visit the chimp sanctuary on Ngamba island, then a trip overland via Fort Portal to the Ruwengeris for some gorilla watching.

Finish off with a hop from EBB to Egypt and spend a few days on Superyacht Seven Spices (http://www.sevenspices.com) to wind down before flying back home.

6th Nov 2013, 07:28
Thanks everyone.
I know it ultimately depends on destination wish list but any thoughts on alliance? Star alliance vs Oneworld?

And assuming business class unaffordable does premium economy make a big difference to comfort on the long sectors?

6th Nov 2013, 08:15
....srt's itinerary involves being on the move almost the whole time. All these "short hops" involve airport waiting times transfers packing and unpacking.......

Important question for OP - how old are you really? It's a big factor. I watched a lot of Ozzie seniors on a bus tour in SI NZ spending most of the trip asleep. Early starts, late finishes day after day take their toll.

The Ancient Mariner

6th Nov 2013, 08:22
Rossian both of us mid fifties. Good walkers but by no means athletic. Partial to the occ siesta...

6th Nov 2013, 12:55
.....We went Star alliance viz. BA Aberdeen to Vancouver - Air Canada to San Francisco -Air NZ to Auckland and later on to Perth - Singapore Airlines to Singapore then back to London - BA back to Aberdeen.

If you get a RTW ticket you have to keep moving forward - no backtracking. That's important.

We found ANZ were terrific within the country. We booked several internal flights ourselves and left home with boarding cards for each flight and allocated seats six weeks in advance - AND it all worked. You could do the same in Oz just doing your own internal bookings. Howevercomma their 777 flight SFO to Auckland was 13.5 diabolically uncomfortable hours. Not sure why because the SIA 777 all the way home was a dream. Same aircraft.

If you want any more send me a PM.

The Ancient Mariner

7th Nov 2013, 15:41
Thanks Rossian. Will explore options and then pm you for more detailed advice.