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4th Nov 2013, 18:57
Was doing some reflection on times gone by when some big long standing companies like Laker, DanAir and Air Europe went to the wall and quite a few crews found themselves "resting".

Will we see a big company go to the wall again or are we stuck with what we've got?

4th Nov 2013, 19:22
Never say never. Who would have thought 30 years ago that PA would ever fail, 20 years ago that SR would fall etc.

Also today, many companies are sitting on a pile of debt they cannot dream of ever repaying.

Sir George Cayley
4th Nov 2013, 21:39
Live for today.

There will be opportunities not yet dreamt of.

Go back to your childhood and think of everything that's come to pass.

History is definite. The future is undefined.


5th Nov 2013, 03:02
Very true.

A few years ago the FT did a survey of current job vacancies versus those that were being sought 100 years ago.

Over 95% of the current jobs did not even exist 100 years ago. And the rate of change is accelerating too...

Me? I think I might re-train as a :mad: Houseplant Psychiatrist. :}

5th Nov 2013, 11:38
Any sober dabble in futurism calls for caution and some weaseling regarding the net results to be had in yon future.

Certainly science and education have recently created new and vast potentials for humans to experience a future of unprecedented health and prosperity for people the world around, but prospects for economic collapse, government failure, destructive social policy, sinking employment and wobbling international relations still seem to mostly follow in the footprints of past generations that have been brought low by war, disease, pestilence and economic collapse caused by inattention, corruption and mendacity in government and private centers of power.

Lots of possibilities await for either and both failure and success in steering our future for a safe and steady course.

My coin vanished somehow in mid-air, while enroute to divining the fateful choice.


5th Nov 2013, 12:04
I could give you a list of the major European airlines which will probably not be around at the end of 2014.

Unfortunately it would not be a good career move on my part so I'll keep schtum.

5th Nov 2013, 14:00
No problem, we will all be using Jet Packs and have 'Erection Apps on our phones.