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4th Nov 2013, 11:57
I made it on Saturday, down the coast, against the sweep, from Northcliffe Surf Club..

Home -:- BMD Northcliffe Surf Life Saving Club, Australian Champion Club since 2004 (http://www.northcliffesurfclub.com.au/index.vm)

Right the way down to Queensland Avenue Broadbeach and back...non stop....nothing like this for sure...

Diana Nyad defends her Cuba to Florida swim (http://www.theage.com.au/sport/swimming/diana-nyad-defends-her-cuba-to-florida-swim-20130911-2tjxx.html)

But I have been getting gradually further and further....mindful to only do it in 1ft swell mind you, even in that small swell, it's extraordinary how far in you get washed, and how far out to sea you get swept just trying to swim parallel an open ocean beach! At times I'm in water shallow enough to touch the bottom with my finger tips, at others I'm in 12/15 foot deep water, repeated over and over every 400/500 or so metres....

Certainly I could never have made it 12 months ago...and that is after a lifetime surfing!...take the board away and fend for yourself in Open Ocean is humbling and very gratifying.....just need to know how to 'Read' the Ocean, and be aware of your abilities.......yeah I'm afraid of sharks...I see them from the air from time to time....I'm also terrified by the speeding 'P' plater in an over powered car!!

4th Nov 2013, 12:22

Well done, that is a very good effort indeed.

Can swim but am not a good swimmer but know the ocean
makes everything a lot harder than a pool having done a few
tests in it so appreciate what you have done :ok:

4th Nov 2013, 12:25
Thanks 500! :ok:

Buster Hyman
4th Nov 2013, 12:44
:D:D:D Well done Fleigs...ya Commie bastard!!! :}:}:};););)

Ancient Mariner
4th Nov 2013, 12:50
I swin like an adjustable spanner, vertically and head down. I do admire those who can swim more than a hundred meters, but 3.3K? Not to mention sharks. :eek:
Fliegenmong, :ok:

5th Nov 2013, 10:46
Well done Fliegs :ok:

What's the water temperature up there, any need for a wetsuit?

I envy the ability to swim strongly, it really is something you have to build up to especially in ocean conditions. Don't get overconfident and do a cattletruck who foolishly swam 2km across a bay as a shortcut only to cramp up halfway and started drifting out to sea. Obviously he made it to the other side.

And no need to worry about sharks, they only eat tourists.

Worrals in the wilds
5th Nov 2013, 23:15
Congrats Fliegs! That's a heck of a swim :ok:
I'm also terrified by the speeding 'P' plater in an over powered car!!
Watch out for jetskis :(. There's a couple of regulars at Main Beach who are about to get a contract put out on them. :eek:

5th Nov 2013, 23:22
With respect to the Aussie sharks and Fliegen...

And to the Aussie Angels... (and to all Aussie bikies)