View Full Version : All Air 2000 Employees Given 30 Days Notice!

Whiskey Zulu
7th Oct 2001, 23:11
All Air 2000 Employees Given 30 Days Notice!

Just heard from a close friend, an engineer at MAN, that those being retained in employment will be told within the next two weeks.

IF this is true, it is sad news indeed. Can anyone from Air 2000 confirm?

7th Oct 2001, 23:20
Danny (& co) care to enlighten us perhaps?

God help all IF it is true . . . very disturbing news. :eek: :mad: :o :(

7th Oct 2001, 23:47
Total crap! so far no one has been given notice of redundancy

Ed Roddington
8th Oct 2001, 00:10
The essence of any good rumour is that there isn't a scrap of truth in it ;)

Mr Benn
8th Oct 2001, 02:01
I think you'll find that the 30 days is the start of the legal consultation period between the company and the employee group. If its a 90 day consultation that means there are more than 100 people in that "group" going (eg. pilots).
There was a public announcement of some redundancies, around 10% of the total workforce, including all types of job, throughout the huge First Choice group and abroad as well as the UK.
First Choice is in a very strong position so we don't even know if there are going to be ANY redundancies. Obviously we will be told at the end of the 30 day period, if no other solution can be found, but at present everyone is still employed, no one has been given notice, and the exact number of redundancies will probably be announced at the end of the consultation period. So your, er, "close friend" is either having a laugh with you or needs to go and wash his mouth out with engine oil.

Desk Driver
8th Oct 2001, 02:03
Air 2000 have been given 30 days notice of the fact that there will be redundancies. it's a consultation period 250 - 300 jobs to go in 30 days :(