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9th May 2002, 10:23
From : http://news.bbc.co.uk/hi/english/business/newsid_1977000/1977073.stm

Cathay Pacific has said it plans to create more than 1,300 jobs over the next two years.
The Hong Kong based airline will buck the global trend in an industry that has laid off thousands of workers in recent months by hiring 200 cabin crew this year and another 800 next year.

It said it will recruit 235 new pilots by December next year.

The hiring plans could be good news for pilots who were laid off by other airlines. Cathay said it is seeking a pool of qualified overseas pilots and not all the new recruits will come from its own cadet training programme.

Another sixty new jobs will be created for ground staff at Hong Kong International Airport, Cathay Pacific said.

9th May 2002, 14:20
Who do you send your original application to ? Is there a website/on-line access available ?

dallas dude
9th May 2002, 14:47
I can think of 51 worthy candidates cathay should hire immediately!


9th May 2002, 15:25
Jetblues, if you want a job with Cathay then email:

[email protected] or

[email protected]

Good luck!!!

9th May 2002, 20:27
is,nt there an IFALPA ban on Cathay recruitment?

9th May 2002, 21:11
IFALPA and the HK AoA have a "recruitment ban" in place in regards to aircrew in light of the fact that 49+ aircrew were without a doubt unceremoniously sacked for whatever reason..nobody can judge this action accurately unless they work there and know the facts...NOT the Pprune facts...the real ones...BUT.....the very folks supporting the recruitment ban, were all too happy to accept promotions created by these sackings...while at the same time discouraging prospective new-hire flightcrews from joining cx to the point of threatening to blackball them....in other words typical union selfish chickenshit tactics...that get nobody nowhere....

Rod Von Eddington
10th May 2002, 03:51

The International Federation of Air Line Pilots Association (IFALPA) has enacted a ban on recruitment into Cathay Pacific Airways Ltd., Veta Ltd. and USAB Ltd. on behalf of the member pilots of the Hong Kong Aircrew Officers Association (HKAOA).

The Recruitment Ban comes into effect for any pilot who accepts employment commencing on or after 9 th October 2001.

The recruitment ban has been enacted in response to Cathay Pacific managementís firing 53 pilots in July 2001. These pilots, with two exceptions, were terminated for no reason and they were denied the ability to appeal the decision through the
contractual Disciplinary and Grievance procedure. The ban is to maximise the pressure to re-employ our pilots whilst the dispute continues. Recruitment of replacement pilots reduces the likelihood of a successful resolution to the dispute.

Until further notice the acceptance of a contract of employment as a pilot with any of the above-mentioned companies will result in that pilot having his name placed on a list to be compiled by the HKAOA. The list will be circulated to all Member Associations (MA) of IFALPA for information and any action that MA may deem
required in accordance with its own constitution or resolutions.

Any pilot whose name is placed on this list will be ineligible to become a member of the HKAOA. Such ban will be for life. Furthermore, pilots who accept employment whilst the recruitment ban is in effect will be made unwelcome by the membership of the HKAOA.

The HKAOA will not provide support for a listed pilot in any circumstances whereby it would normally act on behalf of a pilot. This includes Accident and Incident investigations, Discipline and Grievance procedures, legal representation in foreign
countries, etc.

Ignition Override
10th May 2002, 04:41
A buddy here, who lost his medical for several years (assuming the FAA re-instates him very soon, as required by a certain high-level ruling), interviewed over a year ago with Cathay Pacific, and the results sounded really strange.

He told me that he and the Canadian applicant, both of whom had thousands of hours of line flying in turboprops and jets, were turned down in favor of a new pilot who had about a thousand hours (maybe a few hundred?) or less. I've mentioned this before when a Cathay topic came up at Pprune. They apparently wanted someone who was younger and (maybe an easy candidate for corporate/cultural indoctrination?) much newer to the industry.

On that note recall that Delta Airlines never seemed to have hired any Eastern Airlines pilots from their arch-rival in Atlanta, GA, when the airline went under. All were highly-experienced pilots, but none would have been naiive about the US airline industry. Apparently Delta Airlines' upper management truly respected Frank Lorenzo's style along with his methods of butchering a whole string of both small and large airlines-na ja.

A buddy at my company was with Cathay (FO typed on 777 and 744) for a few years, said it had been for a while probably the best airline job in the world, and told me more than once that he saw so much total mis-information on Pprune about Cathay, he wondered about some of the sources and said that so much of it was so far from the truth.

10th May 2002, 05:54
I don't hear IFALPA contacting the pilots that unceremoniously had their contracts terminated with no reason given in Brunei recently. Is this a case of litigation against Cathay may reap a reward whereas RBA is a lost cause?

11th May 2002, 06:49
74world thanks for your help but the email addresses did not work and were returned. Can you check them and try again for me.

The www.cathaypacific.com website has no mention of pilot recruitment.

11th May 2002, 07:33
I guess this may not help if you are not in HK or are an experienced pilot, but they advertise every week in the South China Morning Post for Cadet Pilots. The contact details they give for that are:

Flight Crew Recruitment Section (Cadet Pilot Programme)
Flight Operations Department
Cathay Pacific Airways Limited
3/F South Tower
Cathay Pacific City
8 Scenic Road
Hong Kong International Airport
Hong Kong

Fax: +852 2350 6596

sightboard run
11th May 2002, 07:39
"A mate" was offered a job at CX. What should he do?

Truth Seekers Int'nl
11th May 2002, 11:11
HB, good to hear from you. been busy with induction etc,. Will be around at BJs tomorrow night for beers, please ring and give him your email. Everything great up here and Cathay is a good company to work for - so far!
good luck with the interview. BJ gave you the good gen?

12th May 2002, 05:38

Just started your induction hey. Wait until you begin your line training, then the fun really begins. Flying with guys who utterly detest your very presence. All alone on the overnights because nobody wants to drink with you. Ostracized by the Cx community in Hong Kong.
And to think you have all this and more to look forward to for the rest of your career with Cathay.

Have you also been getting the 3am calls just like your fellow SCABS?

You are presently not welcome in Cx.

100% 49ers

Al E. Vator
12th May 2002, 08:07
C'mon c'mon.....Conscience that's silly.
Are you drinking with those who have taken upgrades?
Your division is playing stright into the hands of those who want you divided.
Rise up from the small issue of the struggling new joiners trying to start a career when there are few other options and see the trap you're falling into.
Conscience....breathe out and address the real issues.
Such mindless posts do your cause no good at all.

12th May 2002, 08:46
So it's come to that has it, conscience? I wonder who you found to make the 3 am phone calls ... probably all those loyal AOA members who are staying up late and studying the manuals for their command upgrade courses :mad:

Threats, bullying, the arbitrary sacrifice of people's careers, and holding guns to the heads of innocent pilots in order to score a few points in the latest round of your labour war. The tactics employed by the union leaders are now exactly the same as those employed by the management. Even the hard core unionists that post on this board are having grave misgivings about the advisability of the ban, but there's obviously a few at the top of the AOA who won't listen to reason any more than management will. The truth is that the seeds of this current impasse were sown while most of the current rank of CX new joiners were running about in the school playground, but you're still happy to make them the scapegoats and do the dirty work you're too afraid to do yourselves :rolleyes:

You should be bloody ashamed of yourselves.

12th May 2002, 09:23
I can't believe a pilot wrote something like that, conscience. Are you sure you aren't a wharfie?
You sound like the sort of person no one would WANT to drink with.
Very un-cool...

Truth Seekers Int'nl
12th May 2002, 09:31
I had a really pleasant last night sharing a few beers with new friends and some old ones. very pleased to be up here in HK and working for the Company I have always wanted to work for.my dad was a baggage handler with MMA and many moons ago he showed me a collection of his old photos mainly MMA & Ansett but a couple of the old Cathay convair 880 with it's smokey engines gracing the skyline of Perth. i said (way back then) that's the airline I want to fly for. I just love Green & White & Red.
whether you AOA guys like it or not there are a lot more pilots headed up this way and if you don't change your attitudes you are going to be outnumbered in two years time. play silly games now i don't mind if I don't drink on overnights and I only drink with friends. this game will get a lot worse before it gets better, i watched my brother sacrifice his career in Oz because of AFAP threats about what would happen to him if he "signed up". What a load of crap, the real scabs never had it so good and are out and about now getting jobs all over the world. you guys are intimidating new hires under the IFALPA ban and yet are upgrading internally give me abreak.
Sorry but two AOA guys had a beer with me last night andthey are not happy with a lot of the stuff that has been going on in the past six months HOW MANY more feel this way.
you guys are playing into management's hands and there will soon be no union of any consequence like the AFAP in australia.
watch out for the phone taps too you early morning risers!

Flat Side Up
12th May 2002, 09:54
Never mind phone taps. I imagine caller ID and last missed call are a part of the HKG phone system. So if you want to make intimidating calls at 3am you will need to phone from another location. A fact missed by some AFAP types with the same kind of conscience as...Conscience? Shot themselves in the foot!

Anyway why would you miss having a few beers with someone you don't like, talking nonsense, randomly emitting foul air from various orifices and slopping stale beer over everyone.

TSI, you are absolutely right, drink with friends, who don't all happen to be pilots. In any case if this goes on much longer the likes of conscience will be overwhelmingly outnumbered.

Wish you well in your career.:D