View Full Version : OK I don't care how big tough or far right you are.......

1st Nov 2013, 08:49
But Damn if this doesn't make you tear up.... :{:{

Gotta watch it to the end...

Baby crying to moms singing.mp4 - YouTube

Good one Mrs Fliegs for showing me that! :{:p

Airborne Aircrew
1st Nov 2013, 12:06
What on earth does right or left have to do with it??? You need to have a quiet word with yourself, you have a problem.

1st Nov 2013, 13:24
I'd cry too if strapped down and forced to listen to that god-awful caterwauling. Poor sprog.

1st Nov 2013, 13:45
Child abuse.

1st Nov 2013, 14:37
Well, that's two minutes of my life I'm not going to get back...

1st Nov 2013, 16:57
I don't get the video at all. Somebody singing in the background and the kid having an obvious bowel movement.

Nothing more to it

watch it again with the sound turned off

1st Nov 2013, 17:31
Hm. I tend to agree with AtomKraft - aren't Mommies supposed not to depress their kids with singing?
And seriously, the song really wasn't anything much to listen to. That's why the poor baby almost smiled of relief now and then... and then it started again.
Sry. :\

2nd Nov 2013, 11:19
I suspect that being a baby sucks (even if it is just your mom's tit)...:uhoh:

No wonder humanity is as it is...?

I mean have you tried eating those jars of Purity mashed vegetables recently?

Try listening to grown adults googoing and gahgahing while you sit in a rancid nappy...?

Mom singing is just the cherry on the shit cake of misery, believe me.

Caco Nappy

2nd Nov 2013, 13:26
Was the purpose of the thread to make a dig at conservatives?

Captain Sand Dune
2nd Nov 2013, 22:00
If so, it missed the mark by a country mile!!

3rd Nov 2013, 08:19
'Was the purpose of the thread to make a dig at conservatives?'

:confused::confused: What are you man terminally frigging paranoid or something ?!?!, How ever on earth did you ever conceive of such a thing?? I am at a complete loss...It's OK I believe Obama can only serve 2 terms...Is that better??......things will get better for you...:uhoh:

I guess you're the kind of person who thinks 911 was an inside job eh?? :rolleyes:

Quite simply, and without prejudice, I found the singing pretty awful, however as a country / folksy sad song kinda tune, the baby seemed to 'tear up' much as an adult would in a sad song rather than as a howling baby.......if it was lost on you all then sorry I ever posted it!! :oh: