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1st Nov 2013, 01:11
Fellow Pruners

I have a very close bond with my cat, Christmas Eve. She is three.

She's a Ginger Tabby.

I'm a 53 year old nugget.

Sometimes one wonders how healthy this attachment, is?

Just sharing.:ooh:

1st Nov 2013, 01:14
Atom your Kraft is strong Johnny...:ok:

Al Stewart- Year of the Cat - YouTube


1st Nov 2013, 01:26

It's great to know that there's always a friend out there.

Never missing a trick.


1st Nov 2013, 01:40

We fly like Eagles and crash like budgies.... ;)

The Birdie Song - The Tweets (High Quality) - YouTube


1st Nov 2013, 02:04
Eartha Kitt, "I Will Survive," Rest In Peace my Goddess - YouTube

Girls... you have to love them...


1st Nov 2013, 02:12

Listen to this gentle song.

Peter Gabriel - Solsbury Hill - YouTube

1st Nov 2013, 02:18
When I was young my Mother used to always say that I loved my cat. The Child Psychologist called it an unhealthy attraction to animals.

1st Nov 2013, 02:28
—Thrust is set Manually

—Roll engaged mode is blank: F/D roll commandshold current ground track

—F/Dtarget speed is displayed on MCP speed window and airspeed cursor

Bonnie Tyler - Total Eclipse of the Heart (video oficial) - YouTube


1st Nov 2013, 02:30
Lili Von Shtupp (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001404/?ref_=tt_trv_qu): [singing] Here I stand, the goddess of desire / Set men on fire / I have this power. / Morning, noon, and night, it's dwink and dancing / Some quick womancing / And then a shower. / Stage door Johnnies constantly suwwound me / They always hound me, with one wequest. / Who can satisfy their lustful habits? / I'm not a wabbit. / I need some we...
[Takes a breath]
Lili Von Shtupp (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm0001404/?ref_=tt_trv_qu): ... est.

1st Nov 2013, 02:37
cackers. excuse non cap typing as using left arm to hold Christmas.

i'd love to spank that bonnie tyler though.

1st Nov 2013, 02:45
Go for it dude...

Her old man (or ex, I can't remember, is a hard Swansea one for sure though) ;)

Nothing that you manic Scots (?) couldn't handle...

Rod Stewart-Young turks - YouTube


1st Nov 2013, 02:51
The only good cat is a...... :E

1st Nov 2013, 02:56
A cat ... is a cool cat...

The Aristocats Everybody wants to be a Cat with lyrics in description - YouTube

Cato (the younger brother of Caco)

1st Nov 2013, 03:10


Don't be a fanny.

If you get a moment.....;)

1st Nov 2013, 03:13


1st Nov 2013, 03:25
Cato. Great Vid.:ok:

Ah, simple pleasures like rubbing crud from her peepers, bits of hardened snot from her nose- paying those huge bills that you thought were covered, but weren't.

etcetera, etcetera.


1st Nov 2013, 03:29
Damn it Kraft you will bring a tear to my cynical eye... ;)

Pussy Galore Scene (James Bond - Goldfinger) FULL HD - YouTube


1st Nov 2013, 06:44
I have a very close bond with my cat

I did too with mine (passed away November 2010), a super-intelligent ginger male. Wife used to say we had very similar personalities. True.

Left a big gap in my life, which the present incumbent, a scatty black ex-feral with a loud off-tune voice, and which I call Beyoncé, doesn't fill.

Rwy in Sight
1st Nov 2013, 08:37
My sister and her SO, during their summer hols fed a cat, and they did want to bring her back home with them. The cat did disappear just before they left.
When she appeared again, I was tasked to fly to their holiday destination, pick up the cat and bring her back to them. They did pay for the ticket and the airport parking so it was a pleasant experience for me (apologies for the aviation content).

They like the cat so much that my sister's SO did drop everything he was doing in the office and returned hope in a very expedite manner when the cat went missing a day for a couple of hours.

I guess you get attached to the animal after all.

Rwy in Sight

Lightning Mate
1st Nov 2013, 09:15
I agree - one can become attached to cats.


Lon More
1st Nov 2013, 09:20
I love my girlfriend's pussy and could spend hours every day playing with it. I'm quite fond of her cat as well.

1st Nov 2013, 11:52

Dreadful. Trouble is, you get a bit too fond of the critters.

Is it love?

If it isn't- there's not much in it.

I got an ipad so I can facetime her from India.......

(I think I need professional help) :uhoh:

Lightning Mate
1st Nov 2013, 13:35
Of course, some cats can be trained to be excellent defenders of the household.


1st Nov 2013, 14:05
Well, I have a great relationship with my cat Reg. He's an 8 year old neutered male, born at 0805 on September 14, 2005. The first time I saw him, he was 10 hours old. It was really something watching him grow up, learning to eat, stand, walk, purr. He got diagnosed as diabetic in April of this year, is now on a special diet and gets 7 units of insulin twice a day. Great cat, good company.

1st Nov 2013, 15:18
Well said 54.

A little kindness goes a long way- and what goes around, comes around.:ok:

1st Nov 2013, 15:43
Everyone keeps posting, my cat, the cat, a cat, our cat. HA!

Try living with five of them.





Last but not least, Buttercup, who just a few minutes ago brought a live bird in to the house. Which I managed to rescue and get back outside unharmed.

Not not mention the three dogs. :\

1st Nov 2013, 15:48
Thank you AtomKraft, much appreciated. It sounds like con-pilot is the moggie champ, too. I briefly had 7, 3 adult and 4 kittens. It is funny how they all have their own personalities.

Lightning Mate
1st Nov 2013, 15:55
42 years ago, when it was legal, a farmer friend of mine had one of these as a pet.

When I first met her, I thought she was growling, but he assured me she was purring.


1st Nov 2013, 16:58
It's OK for families to possess pets, that all conforms with the "norms" of modern society. What is altogether suspect, are un-married and un-attached "older" males who find some deeper engagement with their (cats).

We're all either weirdos, or even a danger to society. The taxes I pay in France assure that even the poorest French family are given the means to look after their own children. At the same time as paying all these taxes, I have to pay my own vet bills etc. out of my own pocket.

Guess who are far more likely to abandon their cats and dogs...?! :sad: Or even their own children, leaving "us" to pick up the pieces, financed by the taxes we can ill-increasingly afford to pay towards the so-called well-being of the most disadvantageous in society. Yet we do.

Cats or dogs will not care for us in our old-ages. Children might, but not everyone has children. If I'd a "Star Wars" type "death-star" together with a "Star Trek" space-ship with "teleporter" facilities, I'd be tempted to teleport all the pets, followed by the wild animals, before leaving the Earth to the "death-star" from the comfort of my console on the USS Enterprise.

PS. Yesterday evening I watched a documentary on Arte TV about a 63 year old Swiss man, whose body (and death) had only been discovered after almost 2 years. He didn't live out "in the sticks", he lived in a large block of flats in the centre of the city. He also had a daughter and ex. wife who lived not far away...?! :sad:

Solid Rust Twotter
1st Nov 2013, 18:24
Mr Mate

Sit in the middle of a whole bunch of those with your eyes shut and you'd swear you were in an aviary. They chirp when speaking to each other. Of course the first one who licks you will spoil that illusion - It's like being slapped with a belt sander.

One has a bit of a soft spot for servals and red lynx. A mate has a serval kit at his game lodge. Gives the hounds hell, but they're all good mates.

1st Nov 2013, 21:56
I just lurve Henri, le chat noir.
Henri 3, Le Vet - YouTube

Be sure to check out his other videos too.

Lon More
1st Nov 2013, 22:04
http://i6.photobucket.com/albums/y204/Badyin/img085.jpg (http://s6.photobucket.com/user/Badyin/media/img085.jpg.html)

Cato; made it to 18

2nd Nov 2013, 13:20
We have:

Christmas Eve.

Henry, son of Christmas.

Bob. Grandson of Christmas Eve.

And Tootsie, not related to Christmas Eve.


2nd Nov 2013, 14:01
All my cats have had only one name. I'd like to tell you what it is but that is also the answer to my security question for some password systems.

My last cat was the best cat I ever had, he was a smart one with a healthy attitude for fun and was not much into that fake love for food caper. In fact he was more like a puppy than a cat and was the only cat I owned who appeared to smile.

As he got older, he used to go missing for days. One day I had a vivid dream about him. In that dream he came to me to say thanks for a fantastic life and he played around getting up to his usual antics. A few weeks later I learnt he had been captured by local council and put down :sad:.

Bob Bevan
2nd Nov 2013, 14:43
Four cats, is that all?

Try being married to the woman who runs the local branch of Cats Protection.

13 is our record. Our own three, five feral kittens in the dining room whose mum had been killed, plus five more in a back bedroom which had been dumped in a box outside our local pub. Would love to get my hands on the nasty little moron who did the dumping, with two bricks I could make sure he did not further damage the gene pool.

2nd Nov 2013, 15:02
Our two moggies letting the new pup know who is boss...

http://i231.photobucket.com/albums/ee201/sitigeltfel/CIMG0092_zps990c5e8f.jpg (http://s231.photobucket.com/user/sitigeltfel/media/CIMG0092_zps990c5e8f.jpg.html)

2nd Nov 2013, 17:35
Post a 12 Day Trip to the UK.....I now have two Gurl Kitties sleeping in my bed at night....they did not do that pre-trip.

Gabby snoozes on my shoulder....Sissy guards the foot of the bed. Commodore Frady persists on his Dawn Patrol following a snooze in his Recliner.

Loose rivets
2nd Nov 2013, 21:41
Lots of tee-hee-ing when I played this to my American neighbors.

Mrs. Slocombe's Pussy - YouTube

3rd Nov 2013, 16:44
A chap and his cat!

Blind Cricket (Humour) - YouTube


3rd Nov 2013, 17:49
Having young friends here for the weekend we took them today for Sunday lunch to our favourite restaurant up in the mountains. Lovely owner, staff, food exquisite, full of French (of course) who drive down over the border to enjoy real cooking.

Mrs OFSO drew my attention to a light-ginger cat walking round outside, looking in the window. A few minutes later it was inside, I picked him up, and he condescended (as ginger cats may do) to sit on my lap and purr for a few minutes.

Some people I know have said to me - "a cat in a restaurant ? How unhygenic !"

To which I can only say:

(a) the French all bring their dogs with them
(b) the cat is on the floor, not on the tables
(c) if customers dislike cats they can ignore them
(d) if customers like cats, they can stroke them

and finally, knowing the owner of this restaurant and the staff - they haven't changed for 20 years - I know what they are thinking: that it's the cat's choice to come in just as it is the customer's choice and if either don't like it, or like each other - they can leave !

But as a lover of cats and especially ginger cats, it pleased me greatly.

3rd Nov 2013, 18:13
Unfortunately he is no longer with us but Mr Pinky was a flying cat...https://pbs.twimg.com/profile_images/2026227855/255687_10150221693350817_520385816_7729224_4355294_n.jpg

3rd Nov 2013, 18:39
(a) the French all bring their dogs with them
(b) the cat is on the floor, not on the tables
(c) if customers dislike cats they can ignore them
(d) if customers like cats, they can stroke them

The only restaurant I know of here that does not permit dogs in the dining room is in a rather swanky hotel, but the reception staff will happily baby sit your pet while you eat.
Another place has a moggy that patrols under the tables looking to wind up any dogs that have invaded its territory.
Our late dog would sleep happily under the table and only woke up when it could smell the coffee, a signal that it was soon time to go.
The golden rule is; keep the beast under control and nobody minds.

3rd Nov 2013, 19:06
Always remember - dogs have owners but cats have staff!

3rd Nov 2013, 20:46
.....cats have staff!

Six of my own.

Eleven rescues.

Living the dream

I buy cat food and litter in bulk.

Still, cheaper than kids.