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30th Oct 2013, 16:43
Although Flying Tiger were latterly known as a cargo airline - I have noted the following Connies operating flights on behalf of Lufthansa during 1960:

I am not totally sure whether these were aircraft were operated in pax or cargo configurations .

I am grateful to anyone to shed any light for me..

Many thanks

Hotel Tango
31st Oct 2013, 10:01
They were leased to provide additional cargo capacity needed at the time. There are the odd photos of them as LUFTHANSA on the net if you google the registrations.

31st Oct 2013, 13:18
Flying Tiger did a lot of charter and contract work for both cargo and passengers, particularly across the Pacific, as well as their freighter schedules. N6921C, one of the aircraft listed above, was lost mid-Pacific in 1962 with 107 POB operating a passenger charter.


31st Oct 2013, 15:06
1962 was a bad year for Flying Tiger.
N6923C which I saw at Prestwick in August ditched in the Atlantic the following month.
And they lost N6911C in Alaska as mentioned above and then N6913C later in the year.

500 above
1st Nov 2013, 12:12
N6915C was also lost in '64 on Christmas Eve on departure from SFO.

CAB Report - Flying Tiger Flt #882 (http://www.check-six.com/Crash_Sites/FTL882-CABreport.htm)

Spooky 2
1st Nov 2013, 14:12
I believe they lost the Connie in the Pacific and another Connie on landing Adak or Shymia on the same day.

I flew the Connie at Tigers later in the sixties and the rumors were active regarding the Pacific loss as being a shoot down. Never proven but I think even today they persist.

Tigers lost a Connie every Christmas for about five years in a row. :hmm: