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29th Oct 2013, 12:06
Take this opportunity to ask you a question: I wanted to upload the video on YouTube "Concorde, Anatomy of a Disaster" published by Discovery Channel in 2003 but was rejected for copyright brought by:

"Mythos Concorde (art) - Die Geschichte des Überschall-Passagierflugzeugs" visual content administered by:
Art, and

"Nathan Rose-Shattered Lives", sound recording administered by:
AdShare for a Third Party.

I did not know because in the video does not show these names.

The intention was that many drivers, especially those who knew him could not see the flipside of the Concorde crash because the video circulating on the Internet is based NatGeo Official Report.

I'll divide up the video to send to anyone who asks.

Can anything be done? and how I can do - if you can - to put it in PPRuNe?

29th Oct 2013, 12:23
You can address the problem directly with the copyright holder... just ask for permission.

Meanwhile, a quick Google search shows it is available here: Concorde- anatomy of a disaster - Documentary Movies - AVSIM.su (http://www.avsimrus.com/f/documentary-movies-96/concorde-anatomy-of-a-disaster-13261.html?action=viewonline)

Language seems to be Polish or Russian.

29th Oct 2013, 13:03
El que yo tengo está es español completo

29th Oct 2013, 15:03
Now the video can be seen at this address

Concorde: Anatomy of a Disaster (español) - Tu.tv (http://tu.tv/videos/concorde-anatomy-of-a-disaster-espanol)

29th Oct 2013, 15:05

Concorde: Anatomy of a Disaster (español) - Tu.tv (http://tu.tv/videos/concorde-anatomy-of-a-disaster-espanol)

27th Jan 2014, 03:50

You are the answer to my many prayers. If your offer is still current I very much want to get hold of the original of this exceptional reconstruction of the destruction of the Concorde. The disappearance of which from all public record but confirms its veracity and Air France's and the french aviation establishment's mendacity!

I'll also try and send you a private message.

Sincerely - Brian:.

Ned B
2nd Jan 2020, 14:58
This programme has finally returned to UK TV and is being screened Today, on Sky Discovery History Ch.171 at 5pm and again at midnight.