View Full Version : Any natural scientists here? What is going on here?

29th Oct 2013, 05:01
This little eddy in a river has a huge appetite. What could make it so, I dunno, efficient?


29th Oct 2013, 05:14
I'd say that the flooded river meant water seeped into an underground cave, cavern or stream and as it got faster, opened it up so became gibber and bigger.

I'd like to see what it was like when the water level dropped.

29th Oct 2013, 05:46
It seems it is karst, so there are plenty of underground waterways and sinkholes leading to them.

29th Oct 2013, 05:47
A working drain!

29th Oct 2013, 05:49
That's a possibility. Some of the comments here are worth reading. "It looks quite dangerous. I'd stay away from it." etc.

29th Oct 2013, 08:51
What could make it so, I dunno, efficient?


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tony draper
29th Oct 2013, 09:02
Watched a similar one to that a while back dont think it was the same one,somewhere in the USA I think,whole bits of the riverbank were ripped away,it was swallowing whole trees.
Had I been them blokes I wudda been off like a robbers dog.

29th Oct 2013, 09:11

It certainly isn't the same one.

The one in the US is now so large it is bigger than a football field
and is eating away the trees and ground and getting bigger ever day.

I think it is at least 1/2 mile wide in all directions.

tony draper
29th Oct 2013, 09:25
Perhaps that theory that the Earth is hollow is correct,we's doomed.:uhoh:

29th Oct 2013, 09:35
Perhaps that theory that the Earth is hollow is correct, we's all doomed

It's the mini-black-hole in the core of the earth which was created last year by the LHC and dropped into Lake Geneva late one night, from a rowing boat by two engineers at CERN when they realised what they had done. The level of the lake dropped considerably last year but I assume the BH has now eaten its way to the centre of our planet and is consuming stuff (as scientists call it) there.

29th Oct 2013, 09:48
This brought to mind the Lake Peigneur disaster...

Lake Peigneur sinkhole disaster - YouTube


29th Oct 2013, 13:53
Caco: thanks for the link. Awesome demonstration of "when things go wrong ... " :ok: