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28th Oct 2013, 23:10
Come Dancing" on EVERY NIGHT :yuk:
Bad enough on Saturday....but "gossip" every night...c'mon :mad:

28th Oct 2013, 23:24
What is this "Strictly" of which you speak................

My remote has a change channel and off buttons.

28th Oct 2013, 23:25
The only benefit I can see is the opportunity to lust after scantily clad females, the most delectable being Aleksandra Grabowska (Ola Jordan to use her TV name.)

Tis a wicked shame that she's married to some footballer (?) or similar.

28th Oct 2013, 23:30
Because TV Channels and makers of programs have become incapable
of making any decent drama to show on TV.

" My remote has a change channel and off buttons."

My turn doesn't even get turned on !

Over here in Aus, one of our football codes is now scheduling
live football matches at 7.00pm on Sunday BECAUSE what was
a prime TV viewing night is now a heap of crap.

And that applies to every night as far a I can see.

28th Oct 2013, 23:34
It sells space, my family love it, just can't see the value of it me'self.....in fact, it clogs up me telly, now and again, a few beauties come along, have to put it on me' hard drive, or on the catch up things (do I need a tv licence?) Peaky Blinders, was quite good, Breathless seems quite promising, and stumbled across some documentary about the 4 seasons of Britain last night-perhaps this in itself was worth the fee.

I'm not sure that pprune is the best place to talk about TV show's, there's something in the warnings about discussing show's, but even the most hardened amongst us miss stuff like The Sopranos, Hill Street Blues, and The Wire.

Now that was proper telly :)

28th Oct 2013, 23:36
"there's something in the warnings about discussing show's,"


Are you serious ?

Noah Zark.
28th Oct 2013, 23:50
Tis a wicked shame that she's married to some footballer (?) or similar
I quite agree with you about delicious Ola, but in fact she is married to James Jordan, one of the professional male dancers on the show, who in this years show was having to trundle Vanessa Feltz around until she was booted off in week 3.

28th Oct 2013, 23:54
James Jordan would have enjoyed going back home them :O

29th Oct 2013, 00:03
probably not :-)

Effluent Man
29th Oct 2013, 09:09
It's completely shameless self promotion.I put on the BBC news to catch yet another Doctor Who hype that lasted about ten minutes.It seems that every other morning we have either this or a dancing hype.The BBC should be told that this isn't news.

Lon More
29th Oct 2013, 09:15
I suspect Gingernut was referring to this
Be careful - libelous/defamatory posts can and have landed members in legal hot water
tv personalities and their high powered publicists are very quick to sue.

Lightning Mate
29th Oct 2013, 09:55
Who could say no ?


sled dog
29th Oct 2013, 10:09
I would like to be asked...........

29th Oct 2013, 10:58
My response to the OP's question is that it is a symptom of the publicly funded BBC's increasing desperation to "beat" the viewing figures of commercial television mass-audience shows like X-Factor. It has always been a great puzzlement to me that despite the fact that Auntie Beeb gets the huge licence fee income irrespective of how many of us actually watch their programmes, they still doggedly insist on trying to get larger audiences for their populist output than the channels which absolutely depend upon advertising revenue from large viewing figures. Must be an ego trip, or something.

When they do stumble upon a programme format which appeals to the masses, they flog it mercilessly, hence the almost nightly repetition to keep the "Strictly" target audience happy, happy, happy ... Vox populi has never been very discriminating, nor blessed with much of an attention span, so the big drum of frequent propaganda is brought on.

The same frantic opportunism is also being applied to that cooking show called a "Bake-off", possibly because so many of the predominantly female viewers have the hots for the silver-haired George Clooney "lookalike" judge. If I give the impression that I can't stand any of these shows myself, that's because it's true. ;)

29th Oct 2013, 11:06
"Strictly" is on every evening because the excellent new comedy programs such as "Keeping up Appearances", "Are you being Served" and "Allo, Allo" are all on in the afternoon every day, (and "Dad's Army" on Saturday, and "Whatever Happened to the Likely Lads" now and then, oh yes and Fools and Horses ) there's nothing left to show in the evening except "Strictly".

Oh wait, they are only "excellent" and not "new" are they.....

29th Oct 2013, 11:14
I 'participate' in this folly by virtue of listening to it from up in the office while Mrs. ExXB watches it downstairs in the lounge.

She is a little hard of hearing (or so I say) so she has the volume moderately loud whenever she watches the box.

Most programs I can barely hear upstairs but this one pierces my auditory canals deeply. Not only the gab-gab-gab but the music, but most especially the 'cheering-track' that they have obviously added. I say obviously as once when I descended to request a volume adjustment I got a glimpse of the screen. Loud cheering could be heard, but in the background the audience was just sitting there, lightly clapping.

Why do they do this? It doesn't make the program better, it irritates me, as I'm sure it does others.

I suspect the program is scripted, with the 'outcome' know well in advance, but intended to get the most number of callers (and money*) possible. Thank goodness she can't call in from here!

*Yes I know some of it goes to a charity, but still.

Noah Zark.
29th Oct 2013, 11:34
Who could say no ?

Her brother? :}

29th Oct 2013, 11:53
You're not from Norfolk then NZ! :E;)

Lightning Mate
29th Oct 2013, 11:59
Y'ol buggah Wholigan.

Noah Zark.
29th Oct 2013, 12:00

You're not from Norfolk then NZ

'Ev yoo got a loit, buoy? ;)

Lightning Mate
29th Oct 2013, 12:03
Wholi he not smoke anymore.

He play dommies in the bar boy.

cockney steve
29th Oct 2013, 12:19
Black eyebrows, red hair......bet collar and cuffs don't match.

Silly boys, She's just a painted jezebel, like that bloody Raquel Welch I had to tell off, back in the day......"Stop bloody mithering me, Miss Welch, " I'd say.....I'd be right in the middle of planting a carrot, or lifting me spuds, RING RING RING RING.....that bloody Raquel again. :}

Acknowledgements to Pete and Dud.

29th Oct 2013, 15:45
I'll tell you this, I've never come dancing:E

Lightning Mate
29th Oct 2013, 15:48
I have afterwards though.

29th Oct 2013, 20:46
there used to be some'at about not posting topics about tv show;s. must admit, it has bee some time since I read the rules.:)