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28th Oct 2013, 20:18
Please could I have suggestions to add to my list below of books by UK airline flight crew. Thanks, Mike

Archie Jackson (BSAA BOAC) Pathfinder Bennett, Both Feet in the Air, Can Anyone See Bermuda and several others.
Lewis Whitnell (BSAA) Engines Over London
David Beaty (BOAC) The Heart of the Storm, The Take Off, Strange Encounters and many others
Robert Chandler (BSAA - radio officer) Off The Beam
Lincoln Lee (BSAA BOAC) Three Dimensioned Darkness and several others
Ron Gillman (BEA) Croydon to Concorde, The Shiphunters and several others
Peter Duffey (BSAA BOAC BA) Comets and Concordes
John Morton (BEA BA) Whatever were you thinking of, Captain?
Arthur Whitlock (BKS BA) Behind the Cockpit Door
Christopher Orlebar (BOAC BA) The Concorde Story
Baron de Tourtoulon (BEA BOAC Swissair) Trust me I'm the Pilot

Albert Driver
28th Oct 2013, 21:44
David Leney (BOAC, BA) Concorde Owners Workshop Manual , From the Fightdeck 5 Concorde
Stanley Stewart (BOAC, BA) From the Flightdeck 1 B747-136, Flying the Big Jets, many others.

29th Oct 2013, 08:52
Soon to be published about flying VC10s:-

With My Head in the Clouds by Gwyn Mullett (BOAC/BA)

500 above
29th Oct 2013, 10:00
Concorde stick & rudder, Mike Riley (ex BA Conc, retired)

29th Oct 2013, 10:46
Not civilian aircrew, not a pilot, but Dr Alfred Price, a former AEO, has written a number of very good books on military aviation and its history

29th Oct 2013, 11:38
re Three- Dimensioned Darkness by Capt Lincoln Lee 1962 a BOAC Captain.

Title taken from a poem Night Take-off

Beneath our wheels the flares and glim-lamps race,
Each goose-neck stretching taut,then only space
Descends as now the leading lights are past
And three-dimensioned darkness holds us fast.
We are of night,and night hugs close her own,
The long black caverns of her sleeves are thrown
Around us,and she bids the circling clouds
Encompass us with vapour as with shrouds.

Genghis the Engineer
29th Oct 2013, 12:08
You could be forgiven from the list so far for believing that around half of all British post war air transport was in Concorde.


31st Oct 2013, 11:32
Hi all,
my tuppence worth is:-
"Handling the Big Jets" by D. P Davies. Civil Aviation Authority Third Edition December 1971.
quote from author's bio - "The author joined the Air Registration Board in 1949 as Chief test Pilot and carried out certification of the world's first jet transport aircraft in 1950. He has since been responsible for the certification flight trials of most British civil prototypes and a number of the larger validated aeroplanes."
A couple of the more interesting chapters are about the introduction of the Boeing 747 and the quantum leap in size and the challenges it posed.
best regards

31st Oct 2013, 18:46
Another (excellent) Concorde related book is "The wind beneath my wings" by John Hutchinson.

31st Oct 2013, 19:54
If I may add a correction, whilst I agree that 'The Wind Beneath My Wings' is certainly a most excellent book, it was not written by John Hutchinson. It is a biography of John Hutchinson, written by Susan Ottaway.

31st Oct 2013, 20:15
Thanks everyone so far.
Albert - I hadn't realised Stanley Stewart was an airline pilot and thanks for pointing out the David Leney book.
Berg - I look forward to the Gwyn Mullett book.
500 - I missed the Mike Riley book and think I may have trouble locating one so any suggestions welcome (I am trying amazon abebooks ebay etc)
Audio - thanks for the input but D.P Davies was a Test Pilot
Victor - The John Hutchinson book is excellent but was written by Susan Ottaway. So I suppose it is a book about an airline pilot.

I have just found one I missed
Brian Calvert (BOAC BA) Flying Concorde


I see BSAA has been writing at the same time about the John Hutchinson book. Mike

1st Nov 2013, 08:17
"From Flying Boats to Flying Jets"-Flying in the formative years of BOAC by Eric(Timber)Woods (BOAC)

"Under Five Badges" by Philip M. Moss (Jersey Airways, Channel Island Airways, Cyprus Airways, BEA) Technically, he was a Radio Officer, not a pilot.

arthur harbrow
1st Nov 2013, 09:46
No time on the ground Ken Fitzroy
Gypsies to jets Keki. r. Gadzer
Trust me im the pilot Baron de Tourtoulon
A pilots perspective Cedric Flood
A pilots way Mike Holmes, starts as military, but lots on Dan Air.

1st Nov 2013, 09:58
Trust me im the pilot Baron de Tourtoulon
Arthur, duplicate. See original post. You didn't go through the 'pre post' check list.

1st Nov 2013, 17:37
In reply to Cyflyer's earlier post, Eric Woods was a navigator, I believe, not a pilot.

1st Nov 2013, 17:48
Eric Woods was a navigator, I believe, not a pilot You may be right and I stand corrected. Looking at the 'bio' section , it doesn't always make it clear. Well, the 'UK Airline Pilot Authors since WW2' should be broadened slightly to 'Flight deck crew authors since WW2' !

2nd Nov 2013, 09:34
I have tried to change the main title to "flight crew" but no luck.

2nd Nov 2013, 15:56
Mike, you 'edit' and then save changes. Should work.

2nd Nov 2013, 16:47
Nobody has mentioned Phillip Meeson, some cracking good yarns in his novels. Alan