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27th Oct 2013, 16:58
"A mysterious hum keeping people awake all night could be mating fish" - The Independent.

Is this the most bizarre headline of the year ?

27th Oct 2013, 19:05
I tied a kipper to the radiator of my friend's car just before he departed on his honeymoon. That hummed a bit.

Airborne Aircrew
27th Oct 2013, 19:08
Not strictly fish but shrimp stuffed into the curtain rod prior to your departure takes humming to symphonic proportions... :E

27th Oct 2013, 19:34
A dead rabbit stuffed hidden on the rear tyre which is bolted under the Ute certainly hums after a while.

RIP Burkie :ok:

Solid Rust Twotter
27th Oct 2013, 19:40
Bloody soft Oz poofs...

We calls it biltong.:}

27th Oct 2013, 19:43
Bristol hum link hereBristol Hum history and conflicting evidence (http://www.johndawes.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/bristol.htm)

27th Oct 2013, 19:44

:O :ok:

Airborne Aircrew
27th Oct 2013, 19:45
We calls it biltong.

I'm eating some now... Bloody good stuff too.. :ok:

Solid Rust Twotter
27th Oct 2013, 19:48
It surely is, Mr AA...:ok:

27th Oct 2013, 19:48
Great stuff to take on a walk in the bush as well :ok:

Solid Rust Twotter
27th Oct 2013, 19:59
Kilo of dried peaches and a kilo of 'tong should see you through ten days or so in the bush if you don't mind chucking a couple of pounds of lard. Keeps you going as far as vitamins and stuff goes, although you won't keep your muscle tone if you're a gym bunny. Tend to get a bit wizened but still operational.

27th Oct 2013, 20:01
Some years ago (about 40) I found a sea urchin (alive and with its bristles intact) when on holiday in Western Scotland. Wishing to carry it home I lodged it on the spare wheel (slung under the floor of the Renault 4) - and forgot about it.

When I eventually remembered it it was very smelly! (and quite dead - in fact it was no longer 'flesh' was but liquid within the shell).

27th Oct 2013, 20:02
I, and many residents of South Manchester/Stockport reported a similar phenomenon to the local press about 10 years ago.
At the time, I was 46 years old, and held a Class 1 Aviation Medical Certificate, which involved a 3 yearly audiogram. As a shift-worker, I would often wake perhaps between 3 and 5 am and be conscious of this perceptible VLF 'sound'. I checked every electrical appliance in the house, with no success. About 75 feet away is an electricity transformer compound, which was not the source. It wasn't there every night, but when it was it seemed to have no obvious origin. I walked around our housing development at 4am on several occasions, but the origin of this still remains a mystery.

Airborne Aircrew
27th Oct 2013, 20:21
I once left a pound of frozen squid, (fish bait). in the trunk, (boot), of a rental car in Florida in July for two days.... Luckily, for the drive from Marathon back to Ft. Lauderdale, the vehicle was a ragtop and I discovered that express return is an absolute godsend if you don't want to have to explain some things...

Like G-CPTN's urchin it was err... fluid... :\

27th Oct 2013, 20:30
Good to see some other wicked individuals exist on this forum :O

Solid Rust Twotter
27th Oct 2013, 21:07
Did that with 20lbs of chicken in the boot of my BMW once. Got rat faced, driven home by the ntombezaan and completely forgot about it. Went ballooning with mates and had to fight off a feral cat that got into the car after the chook a few weeks later. It made me open the boot where I found the forgotten chook after two or three weeks. It had gone completely runny and stank like hell. Eventually sold the car as it was impossible to get rid of the pong.

27th Oct 2013, 22:12
I had forgotten about the "Bristol Hum", but living in the area heard a lot about it when it was in the news. I reckoned that the sound was actually emanating from the sufferers' home entertainment systems (video, hi-fi etc) which tend to emit a low hum when on standby - turn them off properly and the sound goes.

27th Oct 2013, 22:21
From summary of investigation into Bristol Hum:
His map revealed that the majority lived on the high ground and hills that surround the City of Bristol, very few sufferers lived in the city centre and no replies came from areas which in the distant past had been marsh land.. The majority of sufferers lived in the Clifton area It is entirely possible that some part of the fabric of the Clifton Suspension Bridge was, and still is, reacting to ambient electromagnetic radiation - for example - from grid wires or mobile phone masts. At the frequency reported - 36 c/s - it is very difficult to pinpoint the source due to its low amplitude. It's also possible that you could walk over the bridge and not hear a thing.

27th Oct 2013, 22:25
Zooker, it was possibly coming from here:

(Google Earth, * = degrees)

53* 24.885' N 2* 7.791' W

I lived very near there during the summer. It definitely hums by night, which is intrusive if you leave the bedroom windows open. It also sends out loud bangs, which I assumed were presumably as large circuit contactors were made live because they occur at "getting up time" when supply demand would be increasing. They're pulling some of it down and fitting more modern equipment, hopefully it will be a bit quieter then.

eastern wiseguy
28th Oct 2013, 00:15
The Hum - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia (http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Hum)

There's a lot of it about....apparently

28th Oct 2013, 00:42
Probably wind turbines.....what's left of those in the path of the storm!

28th Oct 2013, 02:06
"Probably wind turbines.....what's left of those in the path of the storm! "

Probably whistling through the broken pieces :O


Noah Zark.
28th Oct 2013, 14:50
When I was a kid, we had my old maiden Aunt living with us. I used to go into her room, and turn on her old valve radio to tune in to Radio Luxemburg (Ah, nostalgia!) and that gave out quite a loud 'UUMmmmmmmmmmmmm' as the valves slowly glowed into life!
I used to sit listening to the likes of Pete Murray, Barry Alldis, and Keith Fordyce, all prattling on, regularly interupted by the dulcet tones of Horace Batchelor, with his 'In-for-a-Draw' (read 'Mug') Method, form Keynsham, that's K-E-Y-N-S-H-A-M, Bristol, whilst staring into the back of the radio, watching the valves all glowing away, wondering what they all meant!

28th Oct 2013, 21:59
It was the Infradraw method. In the mid 1980s I stayed in Horace Batchelor's house in Keynsham (it was, by then, a guesthouse) complete with swimming pool.

28th Oct 2013, 22:15
The hum I can deal with. Them bloody voices are another thing entirely.

28th Oct 2013, 23:22
Try tinnitus. On a quiet day you can hear for yards.

28th Oct 2013, 23:23
Pardon ?

I can't hear a dam thing and it's getting worse !