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26th Oct 2013, 02:24
Just reading Guy Gibsons unexpurgated commentary on WW2- at least as far as he saw it- in his 'new' book..

Enemy Coast Ahead.

(it was very heavily censored until quite recently).

Anyway, Gibsons' book gives us a fearless and frank look at our Country during the war.

For my own part, I was just impressed at how much fun the crews had in those days. They had a lot of high quality time, and they were damn well wanting more of it.

If I had twenty years to live now or then- I'd go for 'then'.

I suppose, that's progress.

26th Oct 2013, 02:54
By coincidence I'm halfway through it at the moment. You are correct in that they seem to have a lot of craic. Contrast that to seemingly a lot of the youth today that have as much or more craic with nothing to worry about other than a hangover as opposed to getting killed in next few days.
Must have been an incredible experience.