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25th Oct 2013, 15:56
I have been reading about F*c*b**k not allowing details of beheading on it's site. Now this is a subject that I am not familiar with so I wondered if it was a problem.
I put in a search on UT*b* for 'beheading' and up came literally hundreds of videos.
I started to watch one and, to be honest, couldn't watch it after a few seconds. I found it unsettling and disgusting to watch. I have since dreamed about the few seconds that I saw.
Firstly it appals me that this type of violence is so widespread but more important I am concerned that this is so easily available on the internet for anyone - not just young viewers but anyone would be unsettled to see this stuff.
I am a pretty hardened character and have seen many things in my own life (including men being burnt to death with flaming tyres in Nigeria) but this content was too sick to watch. How can this be available for the young?
It seems that the internet will not allow women's nipples to be seen but this sort of image is easily available.
I really cannot get over this being shown.

25th Oct 2013, 16:02

I have watched a few of them. They are pretty graphic, that is for sure.
Don't affect me but I reckon 99% of the population would chuck up over it.

Not much you can do to stop them being available to all.

And as you say, no nipples but slicing and dicing someone is fine :rolleyes:

25th Oct 2013, 16:38
funfly, you searched for it, you found it, you watched it and now you want to ban it?

Wouldn't it just have been simpler to leave it to those who want to watch?

25th Oct 2013, 16:57

I agree fully, what sort of a society have we become where people want to watch a fellow human losing their head? I don't chose to see these sort of video clips but the fact that they are available to minors to see is disgraceful and can only generate harmful instincts amongst those less able to deal with the horror of the brutality on the screen.

In the USA there was a national outrage about Janet Jackson's top slipping down to show a bare tit but someone losing their head is OK?

Not sure where to go with this one........:sad:

25th Oct 2013, 17:00
Faecebook only changed their policy in the last few days: it was in the news, which probably explains why you thought to search for the such videos in the first place!

25th Oct 2013, 17:30
Agree with Gobona.
Films, TV and video games are made with (almost) equally violent portrayals where lives are snuffed out in appalling ways. They are made to be immersive so that the viewer believes them for real, at least while they are watching.
Why should the 'real thing' be treated differently? Some might even argue that it is good to remind people that sickening violence is not always make-believe and does actually happen..

25th Oct 2013, 17:35
While we're at it: Why do we often see "sex and violence" as the subject of a sentence when one is good and the other bad?

After an excellent landing etc...

25th Oct 2013, 23:52
Censorship is a slippery slope in my view BUT it makes me wonder what we are creating in young people growing up with readily available real life murders, gory accidents and any type of pornography via the internet.

When I was in my formative years a well thumbed copy of Health & Efficiency (UK naturist magazine from years gone by) was about as graphic as it got! Now it is easy to find porn videos of women being tortured, people defecating on each other and similar utterly gross stuff. I too have watched a beheading video which still troubles me when I a) think of it and b) wonder why I watched it in the first place.

I wonder what effect watching this stuff will have had in years to come.

Dak Man
26th Oct 2013, 01:29
Just like life, if you go looking for it whether it be trouble, reasons not to do things or even beheading videos on 'tinternet you will inevitably find what you're looking for.

The key is self moderation, I've seen them, it's not pleasant but neither does it linger or particularly bother me. It's a shock tactic, nothing more and nothing less - the more shock that is expressed by the intended audience the longer it will continue - man up and deal with it or let it continue.

I'm certainly not and never will condone the heinous nature of the act but if you put yourself in situations and places where it's a known risk then one has to either accept that risk or remove oneself from it.

26th Oct 2013, 01:37
Two other examples are Car accident victims and bodies / Casualties from Iraq.
A number of times the media has gone into outrage mode about whether
these should be shown but in reality, unless you specifically search for them
then you are not likely to see them. Same with the beheading videos.