View Full Version : One-shot wonder?

Lon More
25th Oct 2013, 12:48
BBC News - 3D printer 'gun parts' found in Manchester raid (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-manchester-24666591)
Having some knowledge of 3d Printing I can't see this being viable, at least with the present generation of printers I don't think the layering of the barrel in ABS plastic would survive the first shot. Maybe a new method of contraception to stop them breeding?
Although a US Company, Defence Distributed, did publish the CAD on the web, it now seems to have disappeared

25th Oct 2013, 13:08
The parts don't particularly need to survive, since you can of course simply print a bucketful. If you read the plans, they do describe how some parts should be aligned in the print bed to give the optimum strength in the right direction, which suggests the original plans were developed for a Zprinter or similar with a powder bed. Other 3D printers don't have the same limitations, for example a sPro Direct Metal SLM might give different, possibly better, results.

Lon More
25th Oct 2013, 13:10
you can of course simply print a bucketful.
Might be a bit of a hazard to health, pausing during a drive-by to change barrels though