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Dr Jekyll
24th Oct 2013, 17:47
Were any Cavalier Mustangs new build or were they all refurbished and modified?

24th Oct 2013, 19:03
google 'Cavalier Mustang' and Wiki will reveal all.

24th Oct 2013, 19:06
All Cavalier mustangs were re-assembly of various old stock mustangs, no new airframes. They did get new serial numbers.

Good description here. Warbird Information Exchange ? View topic - Cavalier Mustang Construction Numbers (http://www.warbirdinformationexchange.org/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?p=7497)

Dr Jekyll
25th Oct 2013, 07:07
google 'Cavalier Mustang' and Wiki will reveal all.

I did, but Wikipedia isn't always the most reliable of sources and some other references are a little ambiguous.

27th Oct 2013, 21:18
Have a look here for Mustang info;

The P-51 Mustang Variants: P-51D -MustangsMustangs (http://mustangsmustangs.com/p-51/p51variants/P-51D.shtml)

There was quite a market for refurbished P-51's after the war, another notable player was Temco (later LTV) who invented the 'TF-51' (not an official designation) which involved putting a second seat into basically a stock airframe but with a canopy of larger profile to give more headroom for the second occupant. Our "Miss Velma" at Duxford is this variant.

28th Oct 2013, 01:02
The "Cavalier 2000" variant added wingtip tanks, borrowed I believe from the Cessna 310 design.

Dr Jekyll
28th Oct 2013, 18:56
The P-51 Mustang Production Count -MustangsMustangs.com: (http://www.mustangsmustangs.net/p-51/p51production.shtml)

I was puzzled by this page which seems to imply Cavalier 'production' of 19 aircraft, (I think a couple are turbine Mustangs) which was why I asked the original question. Does this just refer to cases where it's impossible to relate the various bits to an original identity?

29th Oct 2013, 18:24
There's one stored in a compound at Edwards AFB along with a bunch of other interesting retired a/c.

It's N482PE. I think a 'new build'?

It's a PA-48E.