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24th Oct 2013, 14:20
I have always been aware of Bob Hoover's career as a test pilot and his magnificent flying skills (see compulsory clip) but hadn't been aware that he had been a POW who had escaped by stealing an FW190!

What an extraordinary man...!

Reno1996 Bob Hoover Shrike Performance - YouTube


24th Oct 2013, 14:37
Caco, if you haven't already, read Hoover's book "Forever Flying"...

He seems to me to be a far more pleasant character than the well known Right Stuffer.

I was fortunate enough to see his last performance in the Shrike at Reno in 1999 before he hung up his licence.

24th Oct 2013, 14:41
Thanks Treadigraph, have not read that and will purchase from Amazon. Thank you!

I had also read that Mr Yeager was a cantankerous man...


Airborne Aircrew
24th Oct 2013, 15:24
Helluva flier but why didn't he just land on that runway when his engines caught fire? :}

Dak Man
24th Oct 2013, 15:43
My mother still has one of his old cylinder vacuum cleaners.

24th Oct 2013, 15:44
Nice ones, haha!!! :ok::ok::}

24th Oct 2013, 18:36
Been posted before but always good to revisit, here's Bob pouring tea while inverted:


24th Oct 2013, 20:34
My mother still has one of his old cylinder vacuum cleaners.

That sucks.

Nervous SLF
24th Oct 2013, 20:44
Looked on my local library website for Forever Flying and the search brought up Forever nude / Guy Goffette. instead :sad:

24th Oct 2013, 20:48
In the 90's I went to the Reno Air Races every year on static display as an air force reservist on the KC-135. I had the chance one year of buying Pappy Boyington's book from its author, who signed my copy.

I went to his booth in my flight suit uniform to buy. I told him I'd give up a lot to hear his stories. He just said, "Thank you, sir. It's all in the book."
I said, "But I want to hear it from you, over a scotch." He smiled and gave me some recognition by a twinkle in his eye, took my number on my business card, but I never heard from him. To have been able to sit around and hear his war stories would have been a fantastic experience.