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joy ride
18th Oct 2013, 10:15
I just spent a few days with my Dad in Lymington and we were walking on the sea walls at the Salterns at about 3pm on Tuesday 15th. I heard a single engine plane and soon spotted it, apparently climbing away from Southamptonheading about WSW. The sound and speed was clearly greater than a small private plane, and despite being fairly distant I am pretty sure I was able to identify elliptical wings and correct RAF colour scheme and roundels. It flew over the Needles then perhaps, while barely visible, turned East and flew along the south coast of the Isle of Wight, disappearing about half way along. Even at the distance I spotted it distance the sight and sound was a pleasure to experience.

18th Oct 2013, 11:15
JR - if you are in Lymington again w/e Fri/Sat 15/16 Nov, call in at Salterns again and support the kids at Salterns Sailing Club in their 24 hour sail for Children in Need. They hope this year to top 100k over 12 years. If you cannot get there then maybe your Dad can. We will be there as we give a week in one of our gites in France every year to be raffled in the cause - last year raised 1400. if your Dad is a member of R Lym YC maybe I know him as I was Secretary for 10 years


18th Oct 2013, 14:08
You quite - well, relatively - often see then around there (Spitfires, that is). Some were obviously built at Supermarine, but there is also the "Royce salute", which is a low-level buzz of where Royce used to live in West Wittering: not far away, in an aeroplane like that.
It's a habit that must have developed in post-war years: back in the day self-preservation would have been the priority, also Royce would not have known what a Spitfire - or even a Merlin - was, having died some years previously.

PPRuNe Pop
18th Oct 2013, 14:32

I'll let you get away with that - this time only. No repeats and no further attempts to advertise events. It is not allowed under PPRuNe rules and we turn many down.

joy ride
18th Oct 2013, 16:34
Wander00, er, without mentioning any, er, unmentionable event I will see what I can rustle up to help, but unlikely to be there myself! We saw some sailing and yesterday there seemed to be a rowing race providing a lot of fun, a wonerful and safe place for youngsters to enjoy and learn about boats.

My Dad's late brother John, a Doctor, was (I think) a RLYC member, and his Contessa 26 "Grayling" was moored there for many years during which I enjoyed several journeys on her.

My maternal Grandad Laurent Giles was also a member, and a noted yacht designer whose offices were at 4 Quay Hill. As a pioneer of marine ply forming processes he was attached to de Havilland in UK and Canada on War Work. We know he was involved with Mosquito, Hornet and Vampire, as well as designing high speed patrol and rescue vessels, but sadly details and records are minimal as he was not a direct employee. The family would love to get any information about his War work but even the de H Trust have not been able to find anything useful.

18th Oct 2013, 21:02
PPrune Pop - apologies - done entirely innocently

18th Oct 2013, 21:03
Joy Ride - that is some pedigree.