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17th Oct 2013, 19:10
Normally wouldn't bother posting something like this - most 'tribute' videos are pretty terrible.

However I just saw this one and thought it was pretty well put together:

Grumman F-14 Tomcat in HD - YouTube (http://youtu.be/Y45rzmDaABI)

17th Oct 2013, 21:24
Clips that make up the tribute video above are from Speed and Angels which is one of the best docos about USN NavAv I have seen. The doco shows the 'last nuggets' training with LtJg Meagan (Megan) Varley featuring - she is seen dogfighting and deck landing/catapulting in the video above and in the movie:

Speed and Angels (http://www.speedandangels.com/)

She is featured having her classic first F-14 catapult shot conniptions. :}

18th Oct 2013, 00:57
I think her first catshot clip was in a T-45 Goshawk.


18th Oct 2013, 01:03
Great video

I've seen here on youtube before but hadn't seen the Speed and Angles web site.

Is she still flying for the Navy ?

18th Oct 2013, 01:13
Wasn't aware of this - great video - just ordered on Amazon.

18th Oct 2013, 01:15
Without turning it into a p!ssing contest I wondered after seeing this clip why we didn't get the Tomcat over the Tornado F3?

In my naive way it just seemed ready made for the UK's requirements around that time.

18th Oct 2013, 02:15
Probably cost as the number one factor along with all of the money used to buy them heading off to the USA. At least some if the money used to develop and buy the ADV stayed in the UK. It would also have made the RN FAA a bit jealous to have the worlds best naval interceptor in RAF service! It would have been interesting to see what the Brits did with the F-14 since the TF30s we're not up to the job. Scaled up RB199s?

18th Oct 2013, 03:15
To answer '500N'. Last saw this item but have not looked since then....

Two fans will provide biggest roar at game
Saturday, September 15, 2007 By Dan Majors, Pittsburgh Post-Gazette
"Lt. John Lynn, left, Lt. Meagan Varley (ex-Tomcats Rtd. - C/S 'SLICK') and Cmdr. Tim Gamache, who will coordinate the fly-by from the ground, arrive at the Pennsylvania Air National Guard 171st Air Refueling Wing.

In the moments just before kickoff at the Steelers' home opener tomorrow, thousands of fans in Heinz Field will turn their attention to a couple of rookies.

Navy Lt. Meagan Varley and Lt. John Lynn -- die-hard Steelers fans -- will be flying one of the two F/A-18 Super Hornet fighter jets roaring overhead at the conclusion of the national anthem.

Veterans of thousands of hours of flight time, including numerous missions over Iraq, they will be making their first fly-by, a tear through the sky over a public event that never fails to stir a roar from the fans.

It's a gig that the Pittsburgh natives spent months trying to secure.

"I started calling about once a week last winter until I finally got through to somebody," said Lt. Varley, 27, a native of Dorseyville. "We looked at the schedule and figured out a good day, and it happened to be the home opener."

Lt. Varley joined the Navy upon her graduation from Fox Chapel Area High School in 1998. She immediately picked out Lt. Lynn, a member of her squadron, as someone from home.

"He's got a pretty sweet Pittsburgh accent. So I knew he was from Pittsburgh," she said....

...Lt. Varley were in the Persian Gulf when the Steelers played in the Super Bowl in February 2006. They each finished a mission into Iraq and were back aboard the USS Theodore Roosevelt in time to see the kickoff via satellite television.

"There were a bunch of Steelers fans, about 30," Lt. Lynn said. "There were some Seahawks fans, but the executive officer we watched it with was a big Steelers fan, and he would not permit any of them in his ready room.

"We all had Terrible Towels. I had mine, my lucky one. I flew with it in my bag that day."

"I actually have pictures of me in the cockpit over Iraq with a Terrible Towel the day of the Super Bowl," said Lt. Varley. "I sent them home and said, 'We're going to win.'"

Apparently, she said, the military does not frown on such things.
"It's good for morale," she said.

Both pilots have seen their share of danger in the Mideast. Both have lost friends and comrades. Yet neither one could imagine doing anything else....

...Both pilots returned to the United States last year and are stationed in Virginia Beach, Va. with the VFA-213 Blacklions Squadron. They returned to Pittsburgh last night in the Super Hornet that they'll fly over the stadium tomorrow. With them were Navy Lt. Matt Nieswand of New Jersey and Lt. j.g. Jeff Firme of Colorado, the men who will be piloting the other F/A-18 in the fly-by....

..."Coming in is going to be great, flying up the river, come right over Point State Park, right up on the city," said Lt. Varley, who will be piloting the jet. "Coming up on the stadium and seeing all the fans. It's going to be quite the treat.""
Two fans will provide biggest roar at game - Pittsburgh Post-Gazette (http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/07258/817845-66.stm)


http://c10788012.r12.cf2.rackcdn.com/03-17-48_navy-fa-18-pilots_420.jpg N.B. TERRIBLE TOWEL as modelled by SLICK

18th Oct 2013, 03:22
For 'BubbleWindow' Lt. Varley can be heard heavy breathing from 50 seconds into this video clip from Speed and Angels:[and I did say first F-14 catshot but I digress]

F-14 Tomcat Pilots lose catapult virginity from Speed and Angels


18th Oct 2013, 03:23
""I actually have pictures of me in the cockpit over Iraq with a Terrible Towel the day of the Super Bowl," said Lt. Varley. "I sent them home and said, 'We're going to win.'"

Apparently, she said, the military does not frown on such things.
"It's good for morale," she said."

Where as a Nav holds up a sign that says "I'm with Stupid" and the RAF gets all uppity over it !

18th Oct 2013, 03:24
Well it is true - ain't it? :}

18th Oct 2013, 03:30
Yes, true.

I'd like to have seen what her heart rate was when she went off the first time.
She sounded like she was hyper ventilating.

I found an article dated about 2007 that she said she had 5 years to
so that would make it about 2013 she could have left if she chose to.

18th Oct 2013, 03:42
Probably the setup to record the sound in the oxy mask has accentuated the 'heavy breathing'. Breathing fast? Sure. But if she has just arrested for the first time in an F-14 - to then catapult subsequently - I'll wager anyone's heart will be racing. No fear - JUST DO IT! :}

I could regale you with my first ever catapult after my first ever arrest in an A4G (we had no luxury of training aircraft on training carriers etc.). I was catatonic. Are you kiddin' me. Looking down that 105 foot cat track for the first time on high over the nosewheel of an A4G - for fsake. And after my first shipboard arrest - I was frazzled to say the least.

Then came that almighty closed fist punch to the chest and home I went - not just speechless but breathless to boot. At last I was a fully fledged Navy Pilot (we did not say naval aviator then) in the RAN (after graduating with pilot wings years earlier from the RAAF training system of the day).

West Coast
18th Oct 2013, 07:49
Jaysus, the closest one in the pic doesn't look old enough to buy beer.

I'm getting old

18th Oct 2013, 07:55
I guess I'm a FOG when that chap looks just out of kindy. I guess he is the FNG. :}

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