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Anders Samuelsson
17th Oct 2013, 03:45
Hi everyone,

I'm just an aviation enthusiast and I have a thing for the Fokker F28. I have bought, downloaded and printed the Fokker F28 Flight handbook (models -1000 and -2000) which is a document of a little over 400 pages but believe this is only volume 1 (Operating Information).

I am looking for volume 2 (Certified Performance Information) and volume 3 (Additional Performance Information). I have looked at the regular places that sell manuals online but I haven't found it. Anyone knows where I could find those?

Thanks in advance!


17th Oct 2013, 19:29
www.flight-manuals-on-cd.com.ltd (http://www.flight-manuals-on-cd.com.ltd)
has the Flight Handbook and approved Flight Manual 406 pages and the
F28 Fellowship Training Manual 652 pages.
They are crisp and clear copies directly from the originals.
I have no financial interest with this company! Still poor as a church mouse.

19th Oct 2013, 17:45
Nice to know there is an interest in the F-28

Ther were 3000 and 4000 varients as well, also a rare 5000 which did not go into production.

Somewhere I may have the hard copies, or might have access.

I did 22 years and 10,000 in that type.

Currently in Moscow Port at the end of a Russian River cruise, be back in the warm in a week or so



Anders Samuelsson
21st Oct 2013, 17:59
Thanks both of you for your response. One of the reasons I like the F-28 is that it was the first airplane I ever flew on. I think I could have been around 10 years old (so around 1988) or so and at my local airport of Halmstad there was a sort of "open for everyone to visit"-day and I went with my mum, dad and brother.

Linjeflyg who flew the type into Halmstad did let people take a short flight on the one of their airplanes (not sure if it was a -1000 och a -4000) but me, my brother and father went (I think there was some sort of fee associated with it but not sure if it was big or not, but I think it was quite a lot for my parents who I know now didn't have a lot of money in those days).

I don't remeber much of the flight except that we strapped into the aircraft but I think I enjoyed it. :)

Anyway it will always hold a very deer place to me in my memory.

Lubricant Specialist
21st Oct 2013, 21:17
Braathens SAFE flew these in Norway, and very spiritidly too if I recall the flight into Bergen!!