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8th Oct 2013, 15:49
Can somebody who has had a crack at the Concorde sim experience give me some info about it? General condition, state of the kit, realism and so forth. Weighing up whether it's worth a go.

As a current 737 jock, am I likely to get much out of it? From a YouTube video I saw, the AI didn't seem to be working? Would have given various body parts to drive the real thing. A cheeky 2 sector JFK and back...

9th Oct 2013, 20:38
I participated in the Brooklands Concorde Experience and I can absolutely recommend it.

The simulator is the unit originally installed at the BAe Filton site, used by BA for Concorde training throughout the life of the program, I believe. It was re-erected at Brooklands a few years ago, without the motion base due to cost and space considerations. The good news is that the machine is now run by a PC, providing good graphics and apparently good control fidelity, along with a wide selection of airports from which to choose.

A friend and I, he a private pilot and me a retired 'has been', were paired up with an ex-BA Concorde Captain with many years of experience. He was a superb instructor and was happy to accommodate my wish list, including: takeoff with engine cut at V1, a three engine approach to Kai Tak and various general handling exercises to try. Very, very interesting and quite challenging. Never having flown a delta wing, I was keen to see the dreaded drag rise with high Alpha, particularly the JFK Rwy 31 takeoff with a noise abatement turn and rolling into the checkerboard final turn at HKG.

A thoroughly worthwhile experience and certainly interesting for any professional or amateur with good technical skills. Experience with steam gauges probably helpful!

26th Oct 2013, 23:42
I'm one of the volunteers at Brooklands fortunate enough to have worked on the restoration/reactivation of the Concorde simulator and also now help run it during the flying experience events. As far as the YouTube video you watched goes, it was obviously shot quite early on in the restoration when not many instruments were working.

Nearly all instruments on the pilot's panel are functioning now (including ADIs, ASIs, HSIs, VSIs, radio and pressure altimeters and primary engine gauges). Parts of the AFCS also work, although generally only the autothrottle is used on a regular basis. The NAV radios also 'work', in that you can tune ILS frequencies.

The sim has very recently had a major 'upgrade' of its visual system too. When I say upgrade, in fact we have refitted the sim's original mirror and back projection screen to restore the collimated display. These had been in storage at Cranebank since the sim was decommissioned in 2003.

Is it worth a go? Well naturally I'm biased, but I will say that it's very popular and we get fantastic feedback from those who come and 'fly'! You can find out more here (http://brooklandsconcorde.co.uk/images/uploads/documents/the-concorde-simulator.pdf).

28th Oct 2013, 11:39
I did the Concorde flight simulator a few years back at Brooklands as an early Xmas present from my Mrs! Very professional, well run / operated; even managed to meet Mike Bannister former Concorde Chief Pilot.

There is another Concorde simulator; though not nearly as good, but free at least. Its located at the FAST Museum, Farnborough airport. Its operation is subject to a FAST volunteer being on hand!

Shaggy Sheep Driver
28th Oct 2013, 20:27
It looks good, but wouldn't it be better to have the sim experience before the champagne lunch, rather than after? (Hic!)