View Full Version : NAIROBERY

Capt Groper
4th Oct 2013, 17:26
Kenyan mall looting blamed on soldiers (http://www.theage.com.au/world/-2uymp.html)

4th Oct 2013, 17:39
Anyone surprised?

4th Oct 2013, 23:23
I'm tempted to make the only comment that applies: "duh".

Capt Groper
5th Oct 2013, 16:58
Unfortunately the military are just filling their boots...so to speak...probably too tempting considering the raughts other public officials consider free game..

Hell Man
5th Oct 2013, 18:14
According to those in the know, the wise money is on expats pulling out of East Africa. They say it was once good but going downhill fast!

5th Oct 2013, 22:53
sitigeltfel says it all....