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3rd Oct 2013, 19:44
Misleading headlines, and not even clever, are getting to p*ss me off.

Deadly giant hornet attacks kill 42, injure 1,600 in China

[URL= http://ca.news.yahoo.com/blogs/geekquinox/deadly-giant-hornet-attacks-kill-42-injure-1600-155243180.html[/URL]

Sounds like something from a film, doesn't it? However they fail to poinjt out that this isn't actually a 4 foot long monster, it's about the sting from swarms which are endemic to South East Asia and, for instance, forty people die every year on average from these stings in Japan.

Sounds dramatic but in fact not even really news.

3rd Oct 2013, 20:49
Yahoo = Sky = Crap.

3rd Oct 2013, 21:20
I doubt that you will ever beat the late 1950's headline, in, I think, the Daily Sketch

'Sir Vivien Fuchs Off To The South Pole Again'.

It even beats 'Fog In Channel - Continent cut off' or

'Bradford man in earthquake - 50,000 feared dead or homeless'

4th Oct 2013, 00:54
Here's my favourite headline.

Dwarf Rapes Nun; Flees In UFO

I have a copy of that book around here somewhere, it's hilarious. :D

4th Oct 2013, 01:51
Or from the London Evening Standard (or was it the News?) many years ago:

Magistrates To Act On Indecent Strip Shows


4th Oct 2013, 02:25
My all-time favourite would have to have been the Brisbane Post headline, when Joh Bjelke-Petersen was Premier of Queensland. Apparently Joh grew peanuts on his farm, and had just bought an adjoining farm which made him the largest grower of peanuts in the state. The comma crept in from somewhere.

Queenslands biggest peanut, farmer Joh Bjelke-Petersen

4th Oct 2013, 07:31
Only if you live in London will you remember this headline from the Evening Standard a few years ago :

Oysters to work on trains

4th Oct 2013, 07:37
From WWII..

"Eighth Army push bottles up Germans rear".

4th Oct 2013, 08:35
Not misleading, but rather clever, I thought. When small club Caledonian Thistle (AKA Caley) beat Celtic in a cup tie, one UK tabloid ran the headline:

Super Caley Go Ballistic, Celtic Are Atrocious

4th Oct 2013, 08:45
And a couple of weeks ago in the London Metro newspaper, above an article about the Forth Road Bridge being open to pedestrians to marvel at the surrounding countryside:

May the Forth Be With View

4th Oct 2013, 09:21
...and a famous one I remember seeing in the Kuwait Times (?) in the 1980's:

Another ring discovered round Uranus

(I am certain the writer/editor knew EXACTLY what they were publishing!)

4th Oct 2013, 09:25
Bit of thread drift on a headline from the News of the Workd, lots of years ago. The drift is because this was not misleading at all (just surprising that a story was needed with the headline). The headline read:-

"Social Workers Naturist Wife Elopes With Chinese Hypnotist from Co-Op Bacon Factory".

4th Oct 2013, 09:38
Cambridge Evening News some (many?) years back:

12 Axed in Abattoir Shock

...came as a real disappointment to discover that they only meant12 people had lost their jobs.....

4th Oct 2013, 09:43
... and I bet the local editor had been waiting for years to use the headline
(Note for non-Englanders: Barking & Tooting are suburbs in greater London)

4th Oct 2013, 09:45
Does MMR Jab Cause Autism?

A seriously misleading headline by several tabloids that has caused untold suffering.

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4th Oct 2013, 10:10
Billy's Weekly Liar ( is it still published ? )

"Disaster in a treacle mine".

4th Oct 2013, 13:10
Generally any headline which is posed as a question such as the one TURIN quoted can be answered using far fewer column-inches with the simple word "no".

Alloa Akbar
4th Oct 2013, 13:17
I recall the headline with this one.. "The Ignited Colours Of Benetton"


4th Oct 2013, 13:20
Four and half Indians are starving, reprinted in Private Eye many years ago.

Alloa Akbar
4th Oct 2013, 13:22
And of course... The same weekend as above..

"Berger King"