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3rd Oct 2013, 07:46
how erred are you? :cool:

A team of dentists has created a toothbrush they say can clean teeth thoroughly in less than six seconds.
Manufacturer Blizzident uses the same scans dentists use to fit braces and an extremely precise 3D printer to create a brush for each individual customer.
Each brush contains about 400 soft bristles and requires the wearer to grind their teeth in order to clean.
Its makers say it eliminates brushing errors that people typically make, but experts say more research is needed.
The technology comes at a price - a customer's first brush, which will last for a year, costs 299 euros ($405; 250).

BBC News - Blizzident 'six-second toothbrush' created by dentists (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-24362939)

"6 sec toothbrush" - blizzident.com - YouTube

Wetstart Dryrun
3rd Oct 2013, 07:53

Great Stuff, guys