View Full Version : 737NG - Display Formats

Wing Root
7th May 2002, 12:30
G'Day all,

Iím wondering about the screens on this 737.


I assume they are configured in this way to emulate the older style of gauge.

Is this only to allow for an easier conversion from the previous 737s?

Surely the much neater more modern display format would override the need for commonality with the older types?

7th May 2002, 16:20
Wing Root:

This config is a legal or operational requirement by some authorities and/or operators, depending on how they handle the typerating/prof-check issue when their pilots fly both -3,4,500 and NGs.

At our airline we are using the "modern" type display (therefore the older one is not certified) on the NGs; simultaneously we're flying -300/-400s on one typerating. The only condition being an alternating profcheck.