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Rusty Cessna
25th Feb 2001, 21:01
I am soon to sit my PPL JAR Radio Telephony written and speaking exams, and I was wondering if anybody has any information as to what they are like and the general type of questions asked. If someone has a run through of how the speaking one is done that would be ace. Also, could you give me some pointers on how to revise for it, the methods you used, and if you don't mind your percentage mark.

Much appreciated,

25th Feb 2001, 21:18
Just study CAP 413 and remember that the Examiner will want you to pass!!

Delta Wun-Wun
25th Feb 2001, 21:50
Rusty,set you an e-mail.


25th Feb 2001, 22:04
Suggest you enrol on a ground school course for ideas re the practical, the PPL confuser has some sample papers.

25th Feb 2001, 23:12

Did my RT exam (JAA ORAL one) back in August. I also didn't know what to expect. I had read through CAP 413, however, I did my PPL over in the States, so was used to their use of RT, which is somewhat different to ours!!

Basically, if you're alright at the RT when you go out flying, you will be fine!

They give you a pre-planned flight with all the frequencies, and then just ask you to make ALL the radio calls you would normally make on that flight. They also throw in a few "extras" for you to tackle (ie MAYDAY calls, MATZ penetration, etc)

You will have no problems with the written test.

Hope this helps, and good luck !!


By the way, I got 90% but it will be easy to beat this!

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26th Feb 2001, 03:00
Intentionally Blank

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26th Feb 2001, 03:06
CAA Safety Sense Leaflet No 22 Radiotelephony (Pink) contains an example of the Practical RT Test at the back. It is available free from Westward documedia.

Most instructors conducting RT Courses will give you a copy. I assume from your comments that you have had no specific RT training. It takes between 8 and 16 hours to run an effective RT course, so you will see that there is quite a bit to learn.

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