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28th Sep 2013, 17:01
How can a previously 'successful' club become so dire with the simple retirement of their (undoubtedly) great manager?

Wouldn't a good manager have delegated day-to-day operations to the extent that things would continue after his departure?


28th Sep 2013, 17:24
Is this a new thread on the RAF Club?

28th Sep 2013, 17:28
I thinks this is G-CPTN's contender for the 'Cryptic Thread Title' competition.

28th Sep 2013, 17:36
I presume the subject is in the title - "Man U re"??

Lon More
28th Sep 2013, 18:06
Modern Manure Management - YouTube

28th Sep 2013, 18:09
Must be summit to do with gardening I think.

Maybe trouble at t' allotment!!!!!!!

28th Sep 2013, 18:14
Our Wormery produces some of the finest liquid manure known to man, the plants etc bloody thrive on it :ok:

28th Sep 2013, 18:18
Our Wormery produces some of the finest liquid manure
Do worms micturate?

28th Sep 2013, 18:41
Do worms micturate?

Solids, as in peelings, egg shells etc go in, liquid comes out. That's the extent of my knowledge on the matter :ok:

28th Sep 2013, 18:42
Ah, so its advice you are after G-CPTN

I think its worm pee actually

Wasn't there a discussion recently about obscure thread titles???

28th Sep 2013, 18:54
Having learned the subject of the post, I find the title matches it perfectly well :)

28th Sep 2013, 18:58
Overpaid spoilt brats too often in the hairdressers and tattoo parlours , not a sport anymore , a fashion parade maybe ,

28th Sep 2013, 19:30
14 across: 'The postman has had a busy day'

28th Sep 2013, 19:50
G-CPTN, In answer to your second question: Yes

28th Sep 2013, 21:47
manure and money - or selling sh1t, if you prefer it that way (just one episode):

Let's Play Farming Simulator 2013 - How to Sell Liquid Manure Episode 2 - YouTube

28th Sep 2013, 22:39
My reaction is 'who, endowed with any intelligence, would f***** well care?'

Nervous SLF
28th Sep 2013, 22:47
It's ok as their noisy neighbours lost as well :D MY favorite team won though :ok:

29th Sep 2013, 00:45
Sounds like they need to get their affairs in ordure. Or maybe they have.

Actually my first venture into entrepreneurship involved manure. As a schoolboy, I had a before & after school job strapping for a trotter trainer. The manure used to be put in a heap, which got bigger & bigger, and initially, I used to take some (with his permission) for my garden. Eventually it became clear that he would be happy if I removed all the manure, so I took it as it was produced, bagged it and sold it to those who would pay. Had they known, they could have just asked and had it for free.

Where there's muck, there's money.

29th Sep 2013, 01:04
it became clear that he would be happy if I removed all the manure,
That's how it is (or becomes) with those who keep horses.

In the late 1970s I extended my garden to include a previously steep bank down to a stream by building a 2 metre high retaining wall. I filled the void behind the wall with well-rotted horse manure which I carted in fertilizer sacks in (and on the roof of) my large estate car. Must have shifted 50-60 cubic metres of the stuff - all FOC.

29th Sep 2013, 02:51
Do worms micturate?

As plurdled gabbleblodgets on a lurgid bee.

I once had about a 15' long trench I filled with horse manure I got from a horse owning acquaintance. It was maybe about 2 cubic yards, filling the back of my beat up pick-up truck. I topped the trench with good compost and soil and planted it in asparagus. For the next five years I lived at that house I had unlimited, copious amounts of healthy asparagus, so much that I delivered grocery bags full to ten or so neighbors and friends.

It was also the best asparagus I've ever tasted. This was in Central Valley California in the 1980s.

29th Sep 2013, 06:20
When I lived in Sydney there was a circus that used to visit annually, camping on what passed for a village green. They would put up a sign to the effect that people could help themselves to as much animal manure as they wanted. Said manure comprising lion, tiger, elephant, zebra, etc. It was a few decades ago.

So yours truly visits with a trailer and fills it, piled high. Dumps it at the bottom of the garden. I am sure that most PPruners are aware that every continent has it's own characteristic smell, well that evening after a warm to hot day, and a slight drizzle, Pymble smelt like the African Veldt. I loved it having spent time there, but the neighbours weren't too impressed.


29th Sep 2013, 07:09
But now you have a situation where at least one leading player doesn't want to be there, dislikes the new manager and doesn't want to play for him,

Fortunately, that player is the only one actually attempting to earn his (I admit ridiculously high) corn. If he wasn't, the red side of Manchester would be propping up the league this morning.

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29th Sep 2013, 10:28
I vote this thread to be the one with the best thread drift of the year.

Very little interest in the antics of a bunch of overpaid and overhyped primadonnas and much interest in the fascinating activities of worms, without which the world's agriculture would collapse.

Brilliant :ok:

29th Sep 2013, 11:28
My neighbour, who is a dairy farmer, sells the excess cow slurry at a good profit. He needs some for himself, because it saves him having to buy several tens of tons of fertiliser each year.

Definitely a case of "where there's muck, there's brass"

29th Sep 2013, 15:04
A local farmer has recently bought an old ex MOD fuel storage site and is hoping to turn it into a biodigester plant. Slurry etc goes in, the worms and wee beasties do their bit and the resultant gas will power a gas turbine generator. The byproduct is fertiliser that goes back on the fields.
Genius. Except of course the dozens of lorries and tankers in and out every day. Locals not happy bunnies.

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29th Sep 2013, 15:49
G-CPTN...."How can a previously 'successful' club become so dire with the simple retirement of their (undoubtedly) great manager?"

I might be on a total drift. Are we talking David Moyes?


29th Sep 2013, 17:28
Are we talking David Moyes?
:ok: . . .