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27th Sep 2013, 15:09
I watched the film again last night and was intrigued to know how Frank Abagnale managed to escape from the toilet on to the taxiway?

According to WikiPedia it was from a VC10.

I suppose this raises the question in movies generally of how access is gained from pressurised to non-pressurised areas with apparent ease and without causing damage to the escapee or the aircraft?

I appreciate in the Frank Abagnale case he would probably know that the aircraft is depressurised after landing, however what route would he have been able to take from WC to main gear well in that aircraft?

sled dog
27th Sep 2013, 15:25
err, it is only a film...........:p

27th Sep 2013, 15:47
Just interested - it seems from the 'web' that the story is questionable in any event - and it seems it was from a 'kitchenette' not a WC.

I thought the story was dubious, but I'm curious to find out what actually happened.