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27th Sep 2013, 11:29
Has anyone had any recent dealings with 'Modelbuffs'??

Ordered in June....haven't received anything & can't get a reply from them??


Lon More
27th Sep 2013, 11:33
Seems you're not alone. (https://www.google.nl/search?num=50&newwindow=1&safe=off&q=modelbuffs+review&oq=Modelbuffs&gs_l=serp.1.1.0j0i30j0.136003.136003.0.138534. 6.166.0j1.1.0....0...1c..27.serp..0.1.165.DzASqCTQi74)
I'm having similar problems with a company here in NL.

27th Sep 2013, 12:54
Thanks for the reply......

Diary simply says....bugger! :mad:

15th Aug 2014, 09:10
Hi Roofus

I just stumbled across your post stating that you had not received a response from ModelBuffs.

I'm actually the owner of the company so can you please let me know if this matter was resolved otherwise I will look into the matter for you.

We take matters of this kind very seriously so I hope I will be able to help you.

Please email me on [email protected]


Adrian Rathmell

15th Aug 2014, 13:47
Darn it; I saw Model and Buff and thought this thread looks interesting........;)

15th Aug 2014, 14:47
All very well, MD787, but while she's well buff, she's not actually IN the buff. A close second, though. :ok:

15th Aug 2014, 14:56
I totally agree 27mm.

To cater for the more distinct
expectations of the discerning
Jet Blaster, the Blasterisation
process of this thread should
begin here...


'Scuse the retro but I find them
far more sexier than the modern

15th Aug 2014, 14:56

I commend you for taking over from Slasher :D :ok:

15th Aug 2014, 14:57
Sorry Magnus but I buggered up
the time embuggerment process. :\

500 I had no idea he contributes
to JB! :bored:


15th Aug 2014, 15:04
He did, he got banned for posting a big pair of knockers once too often :O

Re the other Slasher you posted, awesome player :ok:

15th Aug 2014, 15:23
banned for posting a big pair of knockers

I have some recollection that it was knockers in triplicate (some sci-fi film) that caused some wrath to descend. I may well be wrong.

15th Aug 2014, 15:26
No, that was me, unless he posted the photo up that I didn't see.
I think I put a link.

They were very impressive, mesmerising :rolleyes:

15th Aug 2014, 20:46
That is an impressive response from Adrian of Modelbuffs replying 11 months after the original poster posted his question.

With service like that the company should go far!

28th Aug 2014, 08:43
Until I was made aware of the posting I was not a regular subscriber to Pprune and as such I was not made aware of the customers problem.

As the customer has not replied to me (and as I do not know his identity - only the name Roofus) I can only hopefully assume that his problem was solved.

Yes - it was as such a late response but the reasons behind this are honest and sincere.

My company acts with the utmost of integrity and we do not let our customers down.