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A A Gruntpuddock
26th Sep 2013, 15:22
After seeing bids of over 1,000 for an empty camera box, now 5,000 for a basic, incomplete, damaged r/c glider!

RC Radio Control Electric 3 Channel Glider Plane Soaring Eagle Grade B-111 | eBay (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/251340476142?ssPageName=STRK:MEWAX:IT&_trksid=p3984.m1423.l2649)

Bids for used items often go well over the 'new' price, let alone the actual value but recent events are even more bizarre.

Has anyone on Prune succumbed to the 'it's MINE' red mist and paid well over the odds?

26th Sep 2013, 15:29
A A:

You'll also find, on scambay, that yesterday someone (not of a sound mind undoubtedly) paid $10,000 US for a gold-colored iPhone 5s. (Which are sold out of Apple's stock until next month)

Alloa Akbar
26th Sep 2013, 15:29
Thankfully not.. However following a recent mis-hap I was checking e-bay to get a current market value for a watch I had.. Nowt flash, Swiss but not exactly "exclusive".. Turns out they are changing hands (No pun intended) for around 3 x what I paid originally.. :ugh:

RGBrock - Probably some rich businessman father who "needs" one for his little girl to ease his conscience because he's screwing his wifes sister.. :ok:

26th Sep 2013, 15:44
Not paid over tbe odds for anything so far, but did buy two of the same item from two different sellers once (didn't think I'd win both auctions with my low maximum bid). Fortunately nothing too pricey. A friend of mine has bought a car and a paraglider set up on two selarate occasions while he was pissed. Paid up for both then sold them immediately afterwarxs presumably while sober.

26th Sep 2013, 15:52
You do see some crazy examples on ebay occasionally.

But Jesus, some bargains to be had as well.

Missed out on a Dual Cab ute (utility tray back) the other week,
for $560. I came across it with 20 minutes to go and should have
just put a bid in for it regardless.
Nothing fancy but would have made a great farm ute.

26th Sep 2013, 16:07
Alloa wrote:

RGBrock - Probably some rich businessman father who "needs" one for his little girl to ease his conscience because he's screwing his wifes sister..

Or maybe he bought it for his wife to easy his conscience!

26th Sep 2013, 16:10
Alloa Akbar......." Probably some rich businessman father who "needs" one for his little girl to ease his conscience because he's screwing his wifes sister.. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/thumbs.gif"

Do you have any photographic proof of this? Your very welcome to PM me :E

26th Sep 2013, 16:11
I've never paid over the odds but do always check Ebay out to see if I can get a bargain if I am in the market for something. It's common sense (one would think), to check out prices in several places then make sure your maximum bid on Ebay is not above what you could get the item for elsewhere.

Having said that, I have sold on Ebay to some of these 'foolish' people. When the Wii first came out I decided to buy one. Checked all over and couldn't find one in stock so looked on EBay. The prices being paid by auction 'winners' were astronomical.

I decided to bide my time and kept checking with Amazon. I finally bought myself one at RRP with free next day delivery.

Had another look at Ebay and people were still buying them at inflated prices. Went back to Amazon, bought another five then flogged them at a decent enough profit to more than pay for my Wii.

Would've kept doing it but couldn't be bothered nipping down to the post office every day to post Wiis to suckers so stopped at five. I did receive messages from unsuccessful bidders asking if I had any more for sale. I tiold them all to check Amazon :ugh:

26th Sep 2013, 16:18
because he's screwing his wifes sister..

Ooohh! Rodeo sex!! What fun!

26th Sep 2013, 16:24
I've always assumed that these sort of "sales" were, in reality, some form of a money laundering exercise.

A A Gruntpuddock
26th Sep 2013, 16:30
Hadn't thought of money laundering, but did wonder whether some buyers for empty camera boxes got the cameras without paying for them, and were looking for ways to legitimise them.

26th Sep 2013, 16:37
You cannot knock Fleabay. I was redoing the shower room and the wife chose a plumbed in shower assembly at Homebase that cost 199. It was assembled on a display so I asked the assistant to get me one in a box. I was told that I would have to order it and it would take up to three weeks to arrive.

I binned that idea and when I got home I looked it up on Ebay. Two days later the identical product arrived at the front door at 85 inclusive.

26th Sep 2013, 16:40
Rarely look at e-bay but decided to check it for the value of a book I was thinking of getting rid of. Cheapest value [ in the UK] for an ex-library copy was 49.99 - highest was 157 for a used copy. A US bookseller had it at 3000 ! and, yes, it is pounds not dollars.Surely people don't buy at such unrealistic prices or am I being nave?
I bought it in 1990 for 19.95 - I reckon it's condition makes it worth the higher UK figure although wife has suddenly thought what she can do with a few thousands!

26th Sep 2013, 16:51
The last 3 bids on the item mentioned in Post 1 are from two bidders with zero feedback. Before they got involved, the last "normal" bid was 20, then one of the two zeros came in with 4K. Somehow I doubt very much that any money will change hands.

26th Sep 2013, 16:51
I was looking for a part to fix an old clock. One site had them, in various sizes. The one I wanted was 300, the sizes above and below were 3. I asked him why.

"I'm out of stock of that size, but if I post a new ad, I have to pay Ebay another listing fee, so I just set the ones I don't have to a silly price."

"What happens if someone buys one at that price?"

"I'll send him my last, emergency, spare."