View Full Version : John Simpson and "Sam" Cody

26th Sep 2013, 09:42
"Who do You Think You Are" last night featured John Simpson and his link back to Sam Cody and his family. Lots of interesting stuff on Cody's kites and aeroplanes. I think the programme gets repeated, but may be available on iPlayer

26th Sep 2013, 10:49
Ooops, missed that, thinks it's repeated Sunday Night after the late news? (Or Monday, I know I saw Marianne Faithfull around that time several days back).

26th Sep 2013, 10:58
Didn't mention the fact his name was original 'Cowdery' and he changed it to 'Cody'.

26th Sep 2013, 19:03
In the context of Cody there should always be the reminder that the book that covers his extraordinary life (and death) in well told detail is 'The Balloon Factory' by Alexander Frater . Top read chasps.

ps is there anyone interested in acquiring a signed photo of Amy Johnson in her Moth 'Jason"? Or a postcard of Gustav Hamel that he signed? Or one of Hucks of starter fame, also signed? And for the serious First World War collector there is a set of 50 5 x 8 original sepia high quality prints of allied and German aircraft and personnel taken by an Australian F Molder at the Repair Park at Cologne in 1918. These photos, stored away for 80 or ninety years have only recently been discovered, so they will be all new to the aficionado.

30th Sep 2013, 20:25
Yes! would you like my mail address?!!