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25th Sep 2013, 18:07
Beware promises of 'cheap' Greek property - Telegraph (http://www.telegraph.co.uk/finance/personalfinance/investing/10333048/Beware-promises-of-cheap-Greek-property.html)

A standard article, concerning Greece, but mentioning other EU countries and the new(er) regulations regarding liabilities etc made me shudder. One is not an owner of a 2nd property, though I know a few people who are. It makes me wonder if in the near future in an attempt to wring money out of the populace, owners of property living elsewhere will be invited to part with extra wealth to fill the gap.


25th Sep 2013, 18:45

What a kill-joy you are. Here I was, sitting here thinking that maybe you, SHJ, were inquiring into buying some property abroad. And I was going to ask you if you'd be interested in buying some prime real estate in Hartford, Connecticut.

Just think of all the home boys you could have as neighbors. You might even like to invite some of them over for a welcome to the "neighborhood" dinner


25th Sep 2013, 19:11
Alas RGB one is not hoping to reside in CT, although it was an outside possibility a few years ago to have the pleasure of Greenwich CT as one's repose ;) Not too many homey's there, at least not those of WASPish background.


25th Sep 2013, 19:18
Greenwich CT is an outlier. It's similar to the Army posts of Cowboys and Injun days where the post existed to support the lives of the white settlers.

However, unlike those Army posts of lore, Greenwich CT doesn't have a problem with the modern type of Injun (savages) trying to attack the post in that if the po-lice of Greenwich spot you and know that you're not from there (which of course they know) then you are politely told to "get the f*** out and don't come back here again, boy."

Nice place. A bit out of my price range though. :ok:

25th Sep 2013, 19:21
You EU citizen (?) and buy in a EU member state, get resident, you will be treated no different from locals. Although in my part of Spain, if you're a foreigner and legally resident, you're the exception.

If all the full-time foreigners here were kicked out overnight, Catalunia would rise about six foot out of the sea.

(And France would sink by a corresponding amount).

25th Sep 2013, 19:30

You've just given me an idea. One which will kill two birds with one stone.

What I'll do is throw out all the foreigners currently living in New York. With all 34 billion of them gone then the state of Connecticrap won't have any more counter ballast which will cause it to break off from the United States mainland and then sink into the Atlantic Ocean. And no one will miss it either. :ok: