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24th Sep 2013, 19:21
Boeing has revealed that it has retrofitted retired fighter jets to turn them into drones.

It said that one of the Lockheed Martin F-16 made a first flight with an empty cockpit last week.

Two US Air Force pilots controlled the plane from the ground as it flew from a Florida base to the Gulf of Mexico.

Boeing suggested that the innovation could ultimately be used to help train pilots, providing an adversary they could practise firing on.

The jet - which had previously sat mothballed at an Arizona site for 15 years - flew at an altitude of 40,000ft (12.2km) and a speed of Mach 1.47 (1,119mph/1,800km/h).

Story on BBC News (http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/technology-24231077)

One step closer to airliners without pilots on board??

24th Sep 2013, 19:58
It's a non-event. We've been doing that for well over 30 years, at least back to retired F-86s!

24th Sep 2013, 20:09
www.meteorflight.com - The Gloster Meteor drone and target towing variants (http://www.meteorflight.com/wps/meteor.nsf/pages/meteor_u16)

Impressive, but not new, so don't think it'll change much.

24th Sep 2013, 20:34
Hmm, think the Brits did it when I was a kid (and that's not today or yesterday ;))

Yes, wot alfaman in the //l thred sed!

24th Sep 2013, 21:07
Bae did it this year with a Jetstream. It was in the news, must be true!

24th Sep 2013, 21:54
Bae did it this year with a Jetstream.If by "did it" you mean flew the Jetstream with an empty cockpit as per the original post, no they didn't.

24th Sep 2013, 22:10
The Final Mission: The USAF’s QF-4 Target Drones | Photography | Fence Check (http://www.fencecheck.com/content/index.php?title=The_Final_Mission:_The_USAF%92s_QF-4_Target_Drones)