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23rd Sep 2013, 16:12
Thought I'd relate the following to those interested in near misses. (And I'm not talking aircraft here.)

The Mrs. and I are avid hikers and we do so every chance we get. Yesterday was a fine early-Autumn type day so we decided to make a go of it. It was a bit windy though but that never stopped us before.

We had gotten about a mile into our hike when the winds started gusting at about 25mph from the Northwest. (One of those infamous Canadian air masses descended on the region Saturday night.) As we trekked along I heard what knew was a tree snapping/falling. The Mrs. wasn't too sure what it was.
I turned around to see what was going on and not 10' from our position on the trail I could see this tree, about 5-6' in diameter, starting to fall. Unfortunately, the tree was not only headed for both of us, but for the power lines straddling the trail.

Knowing what as about to happen I yelled to the Mrs. "Go... go....go." And like a good little trooper the Mrs. began her sprint away from impending doom. Just as the tree hit the power lines I heard the electrical surge, sparks and popping noises. Looking over my shoulder I noted that the lines were coming down from their poles, and at the present rate of destruction, the ones directly in my path would unravel next. (The Mrs. had managed to flee out of the path of danger by this point.) And, just as I suspected, one of the high-tension lines came down with a ear-splitting roar, dangling live in my path with nowhere for me to go. Except for over it. And just as I reached the point where it was either get fried or attempt an escape I managed to leap about 2' in the air with my feet just missing the live and dangling wires, landing on the other side and observing the Mrs. standing there, eyes bugged out, mouth agape saying over and over again "Holy shit... holy shit... holy shit..."

Needless to say, we continued on with our hike but thoroughly humbled by a surprise encounter with such eventful occurrences. :eek::eek::eek:

Next time I think I'll take a taxi during our "hikes." :ok:

23rd Sep 2013, 16:17
Glad you're both ok. Best stay safe in the pub next time :ok:

23rd Sep 2013, 16:22
See what happens when you leave the safety of the bar and exercise. :=

Glad you're both okay. :ok:

23rd Sep 2013, 16:23
Wow. Good for you, your reaction time must be great and you have a wife who unthinkingly and at high speed obeys your instructions. You will know how unusual this is ! Most wives I know stop to argue.....or tell husband he is wrong.

Again, well done.

23rd Sep 2013, 16:29

Perhaps it was a fiendish plot perpetrated by your mother in law.

PS well done for escaping.

23rd Sep 2013, 16:30

I think you have a very good, and valid, point: stay belly up to the bar: it's much safer that way!!!! :ok::ok::ok:

23rd Sep 2013, 16:31
rgbrock1, don't you feel the least bit guilty?!

Or empathy for all those who lost their electricity supply as a consequence? Presumably, you have some important and unresolved issues with "your maker", who chose to fire a warning shot of some sort. That is something "between yourselves". In future, please ensure that you maintain "a minimum safe distance" between yourself and innocent men, women and children. Until the conflict is resolved...?! :ok:

Good luck. May your God go with you...

23rd Sep 2013, 16:35

The thought of my MiL behind this had struck me. Especially with the NW winds gusting to 25 mph which approximate the wind-age which emanates from her mouth/wind-bag. :}

Um, airship? We were one of several families who lost power because of this. So, yes, I do feel some empathy. However, after returning from our hike and realizing we were without electrical power I put considerable thought into retrieving perishables from the refrigerator in case of an extended outage. Surely we wouldn't want perfectly good food-stuffs going bad. Thus, my beer collection went into a cooler. :ok::ok::ok:

eastern wiseguy
23rd Sep 2013, 16:54
Bloody Obama.......:p

23rd Sep 2013, 16:54
I thought I was on your "ignore list"...? :confused:

PS. The great thing about beer (in cans, bottles or similar), is that you can repeatedly refrigerate them, store them at ambient temperature, and repeat this cycle almost ad infinitum without seriously damaging their quality (especially with USA beers). I prefer Scotch myself (but "on the rocks") so do need ice...

23rd Sep 2013, 16:56
Most wives I know stop to argue.....or tell husband he is wrong.
Glad it's not just me!

23rd Sep 2013, 17:00
No, airship, you are no longer on my ignore list. I felt badly for putting you on it and realizing that your 2 cents is worth, well 2 cents, I elected to remove you from it.

I know about storing beer, airship. I took the beer out of the fridge not to prevent it from "spoiling" but to keep it cold in the cooler. Get it? Cooler? Colder? Beer? :ok:

23rd Sep 2013, 17:47
rgbrock, this time of the year you can just put your beer outside..... Especially with that cool air the Canadians have thoughtfully sent our way this week-end.

23rd Sep 2013, 17:53
Yes birddog. The Mrs. is delighted that cooler temps are upon us as this alleviates the fridge from having to post duty as the official repository of All Beers Considered.

However, there does seem to be this pesky, and recurring, problem of raccoons who obviously enjoy partaking in the competition of which of them can get the beer bottle open the fastest. Drunkards.

23rd Sep 2013, 18:07
Stop blaming this on Canadians. I had nothing to do with it. If, OTOH, you want me to keep your beer cold, send it up.

Glad you're okay.

23rd Sep 2013, 18:17
But, but, but Dushan. If we couldn't blame the Canadians for every colder weather-related event here in the NE of the U.S., who could we blame then?

We had nice balmy late summer temperatures until Saturday night. Then someone up there turned the handle on the much-cooler-temperature-output-device and sent it this way.

And before you know it that same output device will be set to:

We don't like this Dushan. We don't like this at all. And we KNOW, yes we do, that:


(and, no, you cannot have my beer to keep it cold. Besides, what am I to give the neighborhood raccoons in lieu thereof?)

23rd Sep 2013, 18:20
Not only do they have electricity in Canada but, get a load of this one, television too! :E:E:E

23rd Sep 2013, 18:28
As George Carlin once said :

Tonight's weather will be affected by a fast moving Canadian low ... Not to be confused with a Mexican high ...

... sorry for being a pedant, but that was a miss, not a near miss.

Solid Rust Twotter
23rd Sep 2013, 19:05
Good save, Mr Rock. Were you wearing your girly-man knee and elbow pads at the time?:E

Jus' kiddin'! Glad you and the ntombezaan are OK and that your beer collection is safe...:ok:

23rd Sep 2013, 19:12

No, I wasn't wearing girly-man elbow and/or knee pads but I was wearing my pink tutu. :}

23rd Sep 2013, 19:43
Wow. Good catch and well done for not delaying in reacting. :ok:

23rd Sep 2013, 20:57
Talking of weather

Five centimeters of snow on Blackcomb last night. Winter is here.

23rd Sep 2013, 21:21
Did you buy a lottery ticket on way home ?

23rd Sep 2013, 21:49

is this a case of 'Only the good die young'?

If so, how did mrs rgb escape?

23rd Sep 2013, 21:54
I was wearing my pink tutu.

You mean it WASN'T Beyonce who flashed me a smile a few days ago ? Damn.

23rd Sep 2013, 21:56
"No, I wasn't wearing girly-man elbow and/or knee pads
but I was wearing my pink tutu. http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/badteeth.gif"

Bloody Rangers, never change.

Where is that photo of the Ranger in the Pink Tutu :O

The Cubans on Grenada died laughing, not from bullets :O

Worrals in the wilds
23rd Sep 2013, 22:09
Bloody Norah! :eek::eek:
Well done.

24th Sep 2013, 14:03
500N wrote:

Bloody Rangers, never change.
Where is that photo of the Ranger in the Pink Tutu http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/embarass.gif
The Cubans on Grenada died laughing, not from bullets

Yes, they died laughing and not from just observing Rangers clad in Pink Tutus. It's when we did a collective pirouette with our arms extended in the air, which really did them in.

US Army Rangers Arrive on the Island of Grenada


24th Sep 2013, 14:10
Looking like that, no wonder you got shot in the leg,
I reckon even I couldn't have aimed accurately from
laughing so much :O

Alloa Akbar
24th Sep 2013, 16:43
RG - Seen Final Destination?? Thats all I'm saying man.. :eek:


24th Sep 2013, 16:44

Final Destination? Never heard of it so, no, I haven't seen it!

24th Sep 2013, 19:57

This and new job.....................God likes you this month but saying has no desire yet to meet you just yet.

24th Sep 2013, 19:58

Agreed. the gods have been smiling upon me lately. For which I am grateful. Much better than having the gods shitting on my head.

SMT Member
24th Sep 2013, 21:43
To inject just a hint of aviation context, can we please be told if any of our feathered friends - who as we all know love nothing better than being perched on an electrical wire - were hurt as a consequence of this incident, or even mildly disturbed?

Lightning Mate
25th Sep 2013, 07:46
Much better than having the gods shitting on my head.

But you can't get away from politicians......

25th Sep 2013, 11:34
Talking about pink tutu's

Earache My Eye! - YouTube

Glad all ended safely Rg

Solid Rust Twotter
25th Sep 2013, 14:24
Pink tutu, eh? Sounds about right...:}

Similar thing in Dili. Was hunched over my pork chop growling at anyone who got too close when a tree collapsed in the garden of the restaurant at which we were having dinner. Everyone else scarpered sharpish, but I remained hunched over my pork chop and chips. When they cleared the wreckage of the table, I was still seated in the midst of the foliage, with a half eaten pork chop on my plate on my lap, not a speck of bark or a single leaf on it. Got lucky there, I reckon. Bloody hard finding a decent pork chop in what was then Indonesia.

25th Sep 2013, 14:54

Post the video! You took time for that, right?

Glad you're both okay.

25th Sep 2013, 15:15
Uh-oh. It appears someone got too close to Rover's din-din.

Is this similar to you and your pork chop, SRT?? :}


Solid Rust Twotter
25th Sep 2013, 18:13
That's us Africans for you, Mr Rock. Different priorities. Can't let a good pork chop go to waste.:}

25th Sep 2013, 18:20

"Bloody hard finding a decent pork chop in what was then Indonesia."

You need to head "bush" and catch and kill one of the bush pigs :O
Any wild pork is great tasting meat it is :ok:

25th Sep 2013, 18:29
I loathe pork chop, SRT. I was forced to eat pork chops as a kid by my mother who couldn't cook pork chops worth a damn. (But boy, could see cook up some mean pasta and pasta sauce. Mamma mia!) After she was through "cooking" the pork chops they came out of the oven "well done". (Well done to my dearly departed, but well-intentioned, mom was well charred to the rest of us.) "Eating" one of her pork chops was similar to the effect of gnawing on an ice hockey puck which has been frozen on the ice for about 3 decades. It's probably the main reason why my sister and I have no teeth. (Kidding)

I do not eat pork chops Sam I am. I do not like them in a tree. I do not like them for free.

Solid Rust Twotter
26th Sep 2013, 07:24
One is a sucker for smoked warthog loin, Mr Nitro. If one should ever choose to live in Oz, your feral pigs will be in deep doo-doo, the toothsome little morsels.:E

Silly twisted boy, Mr Rock. Cook your pork chop slowly with garlic, ginger and apricot jam. Alternatively let it simmer in a closed pan in a sauce of tomato, onion and oregano. Our chef in Bujumbura had it just right - You could lift the bone out of the meat without disturbing the chop, and cut it with a fork. Tender and juicy, on a bed of farfalle pasta and topped with a sprinkling of parsley and Grana Padano. Those pork chops were the best I ever tasted, fed on spent grain from the local brewery.

26th Sep 2013, 07:43

Like SRT suggests, I reckon I could rustle up a Pork that that would
have you salivating before it even hit the plate.

Grain fed pork, mmmmmm.

The Wild pigs over here, at least up north feed on some sort
of water chestnut in the wet season. They walk out onto the
floodplains and eat heaps of them, as do the geese.
Great tasting.

As the Aboriginal lady of the house says, my only problem
is she likes sows and I somehow tend to always shoot the
boars :O To me a pig is a pig. But luckily last time I manage
to get 3 medium sows with 2 shots and she was ecstatic.
Gets a lot of kudos / credit delivering meat like that.
Of course I snaffled a bit for myself :O

Solid Rust Twotter
26th Sep 2013, 09:38
Smoked pork fillet. Simmer for 20 minutes in a mix of beer, brine and malt vinegar with peppercorns and a bay leaf to absorb a little juice and flavour it. Cut thick slices, slap on a hot grill for a minute to warm through and char slightly, then onto a crispy baguette with lettuce, sliced pickles, mustard and aioli (garlic mayo). Food of the gods.

Also, cut your pork chops around three inches thick. Season and place on the braai over a medium heat with a sheet of tinfoil over it. Turn after about 10-15 minutes and cook the other side. Uncover and turn once again. Juicy, tender and if done right gives you a crisp rind that is worth attacking while you watch the rugby. Try to place the chop so the heat is concentrated more towards the skin side with slightly indirect heat for the rest. Serves one man or two to three women.

26th Sep 2013, 10:24
rgb, I know what you mean. I had a friend who would put the chops under the grill before she started peeling potatoes! You could have sketched on the tablecloth with the resulting charcoal. I still like chops, though.