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23rd Sep 2013, 09:05
Here is a Selfie of me Twerking in my Onesie while Chillaxing on my Staycation and looking for an App to watch MOTD on my iOS7

23rd Sep 2013, 09:11
rogerk the fact that you need that hideous sentence translated marks you out as a man of letters and distinction. Forget about the translation, for its subject is horrendous. Go and read Proust and contemplate something better in life. :ok:


23rd Sep 2013, 09:39
In my blissful ignorance, I have no idea what it means and don't even want to know. I would imagine that even if translated it would be vacuous, pointless and meaningless.

dubbleyew eight
23rd Sep 2013, 09:44
cacho cant understand it :E

here is a photo I've taken of myself ...maybe I will skip a bit ... while relaxing while doing some senseless internet browsing on my playstation looking for a software application to enable me to watch "My other twin died" on my outdated mobile phone.

d'ya ken me drift there laddie :E

Lord Spandex Masher
23rd Sep 2013, 09:45
Here is a Selfie Self Portraitof me Twerking Some kind of silly arse shaking dancein my Onesie An item of clothing, like comfy overallswhile Chillaxing Chilling out and Relaxing at the same timeon my Staycation A silly kind of a holiday where you stay at homeand looking for an App Applicationto watch MOTD Match of The Day, silly programme about a silly sporton my iOS7 Apple's mobile operating system

I is darn wiv da kids, init.

dubbleyew eight
23rd Sep 2013, 09:47
any translation that uses multiple colours is to be believed.

23rd Sep 2013, 09:49
cacho cant understand it http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/evil.gif

Man you ken I cannae! ;)


23rd Sep 2013, 09:52
Yooze da man Spandee! :ok:

Thomas coupling
23rd Sep 2013, 09:56
Glamping: Glamorous camping (A tent with a shower).
'Mare' the latter half of: nightmare. I am having a mare does not mean giving birth to a horse either.
"Friends with benefits": Casual sex.

I heard a professor on Radio 4 several months ago who is also on some panel that controls the addition/rermoval of words in the Oxford dictionary. He commented that they are 'chillaxed' about the way the English language is going because this is the way society wants to take it....
A fascinating subject.
Vowels could cease to exist many years from now as words are 'clipped' to speed the texting process up. semicolons, commas, inverted commas, exclamation marks....are already redundant in certain circles.

Add a strong accent to the new 'diction' and suddenly one has a foreign language :ugh:

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23rd Sep 2013, 10:23
It sounds similar to some 'Civil Service' , Local Government speak.

23rd Sep 2013, 10:51
Given the way many people use exclamation marks! to excess!! I don't think they'll ever be redundant!!!

Used horrendously maybe, but not redundant.

23rd Sep 2013, 10:52
I can't see that it's any worse than SWMBO - a very common word now appearing on Pprune.

23rd Sep 2013, 11:17
Glamping: Glamorous camping (A tent with a shower).

Ahhh........ All becomes clear! I was searching the internet for a holiday cottage last night and saw this term several times. I hadn't a clue what it meant until now.

It is interesting to see just how quickly our vocabulary changes (and more than slightly confusing at times).

23rd Sep 2013, 11:38
OFSO would reply but is indisposed after walking into the ladies changing room at the new fitness centre he was trying out this morning..........I felt a right twerk. (And possibly a left one too, but it's all gone a bit hazy after a reviving snorterino or twain at the nearest hostelry).

Lon More
23rd Sep 2013, 12:03
Professor Stanley Unwin Gives Bill Wyman Some Advice On Music - Over 18s ONLY!! - YouTube

Sync seems to have slipped a bit

23rd Sep 2013, 12:18
Ah - glamping and chillaxing. Words made up of the start of one word and the end of another. Invented by funts.

23rd Sep 2013, 12:29
I read this as just narcissistic dribble. Here is my take on its meaning.

Here is a Selfie I don't have a girlfriend of me Twerking I don't have a girlfriend in my Onesie I don't have a girlfriend while Chillaxing on my Staycation I don't have a girlfriend and looking for an App to watch MOTD I don't have a girlfriend on my iOS7 I don't have a girlfriend

dubbleyew eight
23rd Sep 2013, 12:33
as I said translations in two colours are to be believed......

good appraisal :ok:

G&T ice n slice
23rd Sep 2013, 12:51
I was searching the internet for a holiday cottage

Just be very careful exactly how you do a giggle search, you may get waaaay more information than you want...

23rd Sep 2013, 13:15
Does having a good time on holidays in a cottage, make that a hottage?? :)

23rd Sep 2013, 13:17
I was searching the internet for a holiday cottage

Sounds a bit cheesy to me.

23rd Sep 2013, 14:38
You'd be surprised how much fun cottaging can be!!!

23rd Sep 2013, 14:48
Rogerk...... "Here is a Selfie of me Twerking in my Onesie while Chillaxing on my Staycation and looking for an App to watch MOTD on my iOS7"

Um? You haven't been having a go on teen website forums have you? :E


23rd Sep 2013, 14:59
You'd be surprised how much fun cottaging can be!!!

As much fun as toothing ?

23rd Sep 2013, 15:04
What's that ? Some kind of BJ ?

23rd Sep 2013, 18:07
...SWMBO....sweaty white male bad odour... :confused:

Super VC-10
23rd Sep 2013, 21:46

I'm a sad bastard with no mates who needs to get a life. :ok:

24th Sep 2013, 13:29
As much fun as toothing ?

Toothing can backfire esp if your missus travels on
the same train incognito behind your back and then
changes her tooth ident and you think you have just
hooked up with the best shag on the planet and plan
to do her in the caboose's dunny at the next station.

24th Sep 2013, 13:42
Or when a girl uses her teeth during oral [email protected] OUCH

24th Sep 2013, 14:13
Superq....um....are you really 60? :confused:

24th Sep 2013, 14:29
Yes, but I have a good memory :ok:

The late XV105
24th Sep 2013, 14:30
My idea of glamping. Not just a tent with a shower, but a tent with a comfy double bed and Egyptian cotton linen, polished floor, air conditioning, shower & toilet... and no radio, television, internet connection, or newspaper.

Just me and the family.
Dolphin Beach, Kalpitya, Sri Lanka.
August 2011


24th Sep 2013, 14:57
You shouldn't leave the towels scrunched up like that.

24th Sep 2013, 15:35
What!!!! No kettle/tea/coffee next to the bed? := I'm finding this more the norm in most Continental hotels. Very bad show.


25th Sep 2013, 02:09

Ha! Shows how soft people have now become.

Now THIS is camping!


No mod-cons, no neighbors, no bullshit. :ok:

uffington sb
25th Sep 2013, 05:54
No doubt with all that kit, hurricane lamps, fold up seats etc, they came by a 4x4.

Worrals in the wilds
25th Sep 2013, 09:27
A tent? Tents are for softies :rolleyes::}. What's wrong with the back of the car? Snake proof, too. :ok: