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22nd Sep 2013, 21:53
yesterday I was watching out of my front window, it was like the battle of britain, diving and chasing, swooping and turning, pulling up just before impact with the ground, trying to turn inside and get close, below treetop height some of the time. One on the tail of the other. Superb flying demo. Red Kites just seem to put on this sort of display from time to time. Magic.

Later, we went for walk across the fields and there was a butterfly, flitting about like it was drunk, you know how they do. I watched it for a few moments, it was just above my head height. Then a large dragonfly passed by my ankles and it just climbed up, peeled off to the side and it grabbed the butterfly and went off with it. After a few seconds it released just the butterfly wings, having eaten the rest while still in flight. I have never seen that before.

Today, we were in the greenhouse, tidying up a bit. A pair of wasps (it might have been small bees) flew around while apparently copulating. Do they copulate? It might have been fighting. The activity went on for a few minutes, the one on the bottom was still attempting to visit flowers, they then separated and flew off in different directions. Strange.


22nd Sep 2013, 21:57
Red Kites - or any kites for that matter, are superb viewing when
dancing around the sky.

We get some great views here in Aus when bushfires occur or when
they burnt the Sugarcane off, the kites flew above picking insects
out of the air or swooping down and grabbing them at sugar cane height.

22nd Sep 2013, 22:52
My wife was collecting tomatoes from the greenhouse yesterday and I heard her let out a scream. She thought there was a rat in there - but it was a large frog. Our garden seems to be full of them this year - they breed in our pond. I tipped out the contents of the chickens' water bowl into the grass by an apple tree this evening - another frog hopped out. I'd best be careful mowing the lawn tomorrow!

I've not seen any dragonflies this year, unsure why.

22nd Sep 2013, 23:32
another frog hopped out. I'd best be careful mowing the lawn tomorrow!

Yes, by all means wear a painters face mask to keep the large bits out of your mouth.

It won't work for snakes though after you run over one of them the individual segments continue to wiggle on their own.

23rd Sep 2013, 07:13
I've not seen any dragonflies this year, unsure why.

Really? I've heard its been a bumper year for them here in the UK. There's been lots on the wing around our neck of the woods.

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23rd Sep 2013, 07:49
I've not seen any dragonflies this year, unsure why.The frogs ate their larvae?

We have a couple of king parrots who often feed in the neighbour's wattle tree. The other day, one came and sat on the fence and looked at me as though it expected to be fed, so I went inside and got a handful of birdseed. When I came out, he was sitting on the clothes drier right outside the door, so I held he seed up hoping he might eat it from my hand. Not only that, but he hopped onto my wrist to do so. I put him and the seed on the table and sat down to read my paper. He ate for a minute or so, then left, only to come back in a couple of minutes with his mate.
I usually put a bit of seed out for the crimson & eastern rosellas and others, but the king parrots don't usually come down for it. I guess someone nearby is feeding the king parrots, though.

King parrots & crimson rosellas (http://www.habitatadvocate.com.au/?p=15598)