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Effluent Man
22nd Sep 2013, 20:11
Don't miss this film,it's excellent.Even Mrs EM agreed and she's not an F1 fan.

22nd Sep 2013, 20:18
It seems to be getting some good reviews.

I have also seen two interviews with the main actor
that were quite good.

22nd Sep 2013, 20:23
And another " two thumbs up " from the good Mr Lawrence :ok::ok:

Rush - Pitpass.com (http://www.pitpass.com/49895/Rush)

22nd Sep 2013, 22:19
Agreed. excellent flick. Renewed respect for Mr Lauda. Hunt comes across as a bit of an oik to be honest, but an honourable one.

Effluent Man
23rd Sep 2013, 07:23
Mrs EM,when telling my son about the film described Hunt as a cad.I think that's a quaint and anachronistic term that nevertheless describes him perfectly.Graham Hill would probably have been like him,had he been a contemporary.

I lost interest in F1 during the 80's and the lack of these sort of characters is probably the main reason for that.I first went to a Grand Prix in '66.I think it was more entertaining .

Alloa Akbar
23rd Sep 2013, 07:46
Same here, Me and G/F of Akbar went to see it and both of us thought it was brilliant. I watched a documentary on the BBC about that season and the real life story was such that there was no need for Ron Howard to try and spice it up, his pretty accurate re-telling of the story with the odd "For cinema" bits was very well done.:ok:

23rd Sep 2013, 08:17
Also loved the film "Rush" and would watch it again.

Took me back to my twenties! Lauda and Hunt both champions in different ways. Sad we lost Hunt so early - I also admire Lauda for his bravery after getting so badly burnt.

Some really good life lessons in this film - highly recommended by me!

23rd Sep 2013, 08:27
I was a huge fan of James Hunt and had the pleasure of seeing him race a couple of times.

To my endless shame I managed to bask briefly in his reflected glory as a snotty nosed school kid as one of the endless litany of ladies, who finally bankrupted him, shared the same surname as me (uncommon where I lived at the time). When tackled about whether she was a family member by my equally snotty nosed class mates I maintained (totally untruthfully) that she was my cousin. Cue a long line of surreptitious requests to meet her when the couple visited SA while Mr Hunt was over playing squash just after he had retired from F1.

The only bloke with any personality amongst the current lot of zombies in F1 is Kimi Raikkonen it seems.

Kimi Räikkönen Funny Interview - YouTube


23rd Sep 2013, 08:34
Haven't seen it yet, but hope to.

For those not aware, many of the grid scenes were filmed over a roughly 3 month period last year at that well known centre of F1, Blackbushe Airport (utilising one of the disused runways on the northside).

Lon More
23rd Sep 2013, 08:38
Interesting programme about Hunt on the Beeb last night. Caught part of it, but had to turn it off when they showed Roger Williamson's crash at Zandvoort. 40 years on but still terrible memories. Thank God safety has made giant laps since then.

On one of the F1 sites it was suggested that Kimi's back problem was related to falling-down liquid and a set of stairs; surely not?

23rd Sep 2013, 08:43
James Hunt certainly wasn't averse to a couple of drinks it seems. Saw a documentary some time ago where a team insider told the story of how he had disappeared out on the circuit the morning after a night of carousing and when they sent a car out to find him he was parked fast asleep at the far of end of the track, happily oblivious to the consternation he had caused.


Lon More
23rd Sep 2013, 11:19
Barry Sheene & James Hunt - When playboys ruled the world - YouTube