View Full Version : Oooh, what a give away !

21st Sep 2013, 12:21
So the secret is out - those happy smiling customers shown on UK TV "queuing all night for the new iPhone" were in fact vagrants picked off the streets and paid $40 to be bussed in to Californian cities and stand in line. Fights broke out, some of the less mentally stable displayed signs of being such, and finally the police were called and arrests made.

How different from the authentic purchasers of Apple products !

21st Sep 2013, 13:27
Apple must be getting desperate, who would pay 500+ just so they can switch it on using the fingerprint thingy.

21st Sep 2013, 16:54
They had no choice- the 'off' button on the last one cost them a packet!


21st Sep 2013, 16:57
So does that mean that other people are unable to use the iPhone?

Edited to add:- If more than one person will be sharing the device, or you want to be able to use different fingers with Touch ID, you can set up and name multiple fingerprint accounts.
From:- How to Set Up and Use the Touch ID on Your iPhone 5s | Gadget Lab | Wired.com (http://www.wired.com/gadgetlab/2013/09/iphone-5s-touch-id/)

21st Sep 2013, 23:23
Went past the Apple store here the other afternoon, noted the large number of people loitering around glued to their phones & iPads, including one sitting on a folding chair right outside the door. Didn't twig then, but I guess he was starting the queue.
Since one doesn't own a mobile phone, such things are of little use to me.