20th Sep 2013, 13:50
Smoking is to be banned in all prisons in England and Wales in a move that runs the risk of rioting by inmates. The Times today.

Glad I'm not a prison officer.

20th Sep 2013, 13:56
Can't do that, it's against their human rights. Wait for the bleating to start.

20th Sep 2013, 14:07
I predict a riot. Well, several actually.

20th Sep 2013, 14:10
And what are they going to do with the prisoners who say the hell with the new regulation and smoke anyway, throw them in prison? :}:}:}

20th Sep 2013, 14:13
I thought that tobacco formed the basis of the 'currency' system?

20th Sep 2013, 14:21
My God! What next?? Turning jails into places of punishment?? Heaven forbid! :ooh:

Lightning Mate
20th Sep 2013, 16:08
It won't be long before we're banned from smoking in the middle of a desert.

20th Sep 2013, 16:12
They banned smoking in the prison in Guernsey from the beginning of this year, we didn't get any riots.

20th Sep 2013, 16:14
"And what are they going to do with the prisoners
who say the hell with the new regulation and smoke
anyway, throw them in prison?"

Exactly :ok:

Lightning Mate
20th Sep 2013, 16:15
Ah but they have to be able to obtain cigarettes in the first place.

Mind you, they seem to be able to get hold of drugs.

Metro man
20th Sep 2013, 16:17
As it's quite easy to get class A drugs in prison, cigarettes shouldn't be a problem. Obviously cost will increase so the bent screws will be licking their lips thinking of the extra money to be made. A prison contains low class people living under stress so the rate of smoking is likely to be well above the national average. Alcohol is banned inside but we don't hear complaints about that infringing the cons human rights.

20th Sep 2013, 16:31
Do we really want or need longer living fit criminals?

Flap 5
20th Sep 2013, 17:39
Interesting side issue which hasn't been mentioned:

They are bothered about smoking because of passive smoking of non smokers. There appears to be no such problem with drug users. Ipso facto smoking is more of a concern for a community than drugs. :ooh:

Cyber Bob
20th Sep 2013, 17:40
No point in doing time if you can't lie back and have a smoke after an intimate session with your cell mate (aka partner, friend, b*tch, daddy)

Whatever next, soap free showers?

wings folded
20th Sep 2013, 18:09
I thought that smoking was already banned in all workplaces.

Do prison warders not work, therefore?

20th Sep 2013, 18:51
Never mind sitting around smoking and playing snooker. I remember the good old days, when prisoners mended our boots and did our laundry to earn cash for an ounce of baccy to roll into a week's supply of prison "burns".

20th Sep 2013, 19:36
They'll just have to go and stand outside the main doors for a smoke like everyone else. :ugh:

21st Sep 2013, 03:44
I have not the slightest doubt, that after another loud dose of the "yoo-min rights" brigade outrage - the Gubbmint will now proceed to build enclosed smoking areas at huge expense (a-la airport terminals), for the prisoners who refuse to give up smokes, because their "yoo-min rights" are being infringed. :ugh:

Takan Inchovit
21st Sep 2013, 06:14
That does it, I'll be avoiding prison next time. :*

21st Sep 2013, 08:09
Perhaps some of the prisoners will view it as an opportunity to overcome their addiction. In the long term it would certainly change their in prison experience, not having to feed their addiction.

But perhaps it should be done in stages, smoking only permitted in one location a few times per day, and smokers being required to clean up after themselves (something I would like to see on this side of the bars).

21st Sep 2013, 11:44
A bunch of hard-nosed vicious crims who'd gut their
own mothers in one second flat being told they're not
allowed smoke anymore.


Goodness gracious me imagine that. :rolleyes:

21st Sep 2013, 11:53
perhaps it should be done in stages, smoking only permitted in one location a few times per day,I believe that that is already the case, with smoking only permitted in their cell and any outdoor exercise area.

All other areas such as landings, dining areas and workshops are prohibited areas.

21st Sep 2013, 13:29
A bunch of hard-nosed vicious crims who'd gut their
own mothers in one second flat being told they're not
allowed smoke anymore. And thus, the entire population of Her Majesty's Prisons are tarred with the same brush.

22nd Sep 2013, 00:16
They'll be ****** up for a week or two, then it'll just become a distant memory :-)

Airborne Aircrew
22nd Sep 2013, 00:23

It's Prison not Butlins... It's punishment. Why is that concept so hard to understand nowadays????

22nd Sep 2013, 00:51
I wouldn't be opposed to allowing prisoners to earn their cigarettes and the right to smoke with productive labor, like one cigarette per license plate stamped, packaged and mailed.

Their earnings of course, should be divided so that half goes to themselves for working, and the other half goes to their victims and toward the cost of their incarceration.

22nd Sep 2013, 03:58
Not a bad idea Ben, but what would the victims do
with a carton of smokes sent to 'em every month?

22nd Sep 2013, 04:10
Isn't it obvious? Sell or smoke them.

That wasn't what I have in mind, though. Productive prison labor proceeds should accrue to the victims of crime. If you like, I could spend a half day and determine how the profits should be divvied up. The wages, when paid, should go at least half to the victims - you know, the children who lost their fathers and such.

22nd Sep 2013, 04:28
Yep fair enough. Good suggestion Ben. To refine your
idea I'd say all monetary prison wages be divided 40%
to the crim and 60% to the victims. The crim can buy
his own smokes with his 40% and the other 60% to be
given tax free to the victims.

I still reckon hard-nosed thugs and murderers aren't
gonna graciously give up their durry habit because a
bunch of idiotic PC pollies say they should. What the
result will be is an estimate, but I'd say a very huge
mushrooming of the underground prison economy.
In prison where there's a will (or a demand) there's

22nd Sep 2013, 07:01
Think this was bound to happen some time but don't know if it will work - smoking is such a big thing in prison.

I was in a Young Offenders place - 9 years ago now - and nearly everybody smoked. I didn't smoke that much before I went in but ended up smoking much more than I did before. We got 'canteen' once a week where you would get your stuff for the week and it always was more tense teh few days before canteen day as people had run out and were waiting to get their tobacco.

I think the prison officers will have a hard time if smoking is banned. I know people give out about prisoners having TVs but it's the TVs and smokes that keep people chilled inside and less likely to get into bother. Losing your TV or smoking privilege were big punishments for lads when I was there and sure it is still the same.

With smoking just being in cells now I don't think it is really about passive smoking as the officers wouldn't be coming in your cell much - just checking through the hatch most of the time.

I never had a problem doing work when I was in there - much preferred to spending hours just sitting in the cell but most of the work was cleaning, kitchens, gardening, maintenance - stuff around the prison so it wouldn't really earn money. You got paid a bit more (so could smoke more!!) for working or doing education.

Oh and not everybody in prison is a murderer or rapist or serious criminal. I don't think you should lose all your rights just because you are in prison. Plenty of people get away with all sorts of things and never see the inside of a cell