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20th Sep 2013, 10:30
Hey everybody. This is a little video we made when a friend of mine was in an aerobatic glider plane for the first time. http://www.pilotsofamerica.com/forum/images/smilies/biggrin.gif Hope you like it.


Kunstflug im Fox über Radevormwald - YouTube

20th Sep 2013, 17:21
What a pleasant change from the normal poor quality, shaky and badly edited rubbish which so much of Youtube consists of.

Excellent video.

20th Sep 2013, 18:01
Very good. :ok:

tony draper
20th Sep 2013, 19:37
Spoiled by that racket blasting away in the background, we seem to have a generation that cant even take a shit without noise blasting away in their ears.

20th Sep 2013, 19:40
I turned the sound off, looked like fun :)

glad rag
20th Sep 2013, 19:56
Brill YT channel, just spent about 2 hours there, awesome stuff, incl soundtracks!!!

20th Sep 2013, 20:08
Great video. Reminiscent of the evening before Culdrose Air Day back in the late seventies, laying on the grass watching the late Andy Gough trying to pull the wings off the gliding clubs Blanik in an outside loop. 3000 odd feet below all we could hear that beautiful summers evening were the loud bangs and creaks as the wing skins panted in and out as he put it through its paces.

I well remember running alongside as he landed to catch a wing tip and seeing him quickly lean forward to zero the G meter, in case anyone should catch a glimpse of what he'd actually pulled. Great shame, as a couple of years later it was his undoing, when the wings came off another Blanik during one of his displays.

Noah Zark.
20th Sep 2013, 20:21
Re: the guy flying the Blanik. I think it was him, again in the Blanik, who gave a tremendous display at a P.F.A. fly-in, culminating in a high speed pass along the side of the grass runway, and all you could hear was a slight whistling from the airframe, and the tall (about 12"!) grass beating the underside of the fuselage, after which he pulled up into a loop, from which he landed!

20th Sep 2013, 20:32
Yes, that was Andy's party trick. He'd dive to Vne and then do a very fast low pass, keeping enough energy to pull up into a chandelle and then turn and land.

At Bicester he'd dive down into the quarry and disappear at the end of the low pass, then pop back out, turn and land

20th Sep 2013, 23:36
VP959, as I heard it (from Ken Fitzroy I think), Andy Gough was lost to a jammed elevator in a Blanik? Either way, a huge loss.

21st Sep 2013, 04:00
Beautifully produced clip. Thanks!

21st Sep 2013, 12:41
Thanks for posting, Jerjome. To me it captured all the zest of real flying. Yes, it is a pity that all videos seem to have to have a musical backing but, like others, I turned it off. Gliding, apart from the creaks of the aircraft, is a silent occupation, after all!

21st Sep 2013, 13:05
That captured the joy of flying. :)

Well planned, shot and edited too. I'm sure everyone forgives you for breaching the convention against aviation topics on this forum!

21st Sep 2013, 13:25
VP959, as I heard it (from Ken Fitzroy I think), Andy Gough was lost to a jammed elevator in a Blanik? Either way, a huge loss.

I have a feeling you're right, but I recall discussions in the gliding club that, despite being a damned good pilot, Andy did push the envelope a wee bit, and probably exceeded placard limits from time to time. I know that our club Blanik was given a damned good going over afterwards, before going back into the training fleet, just in case. I think anyone who saw one of his displays could probably guess this, but they were so breathtaking that any such sin was overlooked.

Cornish Jack
21st Sep 2013, 13:39
Was at Brize when Andy lost it. Slightly oddly, perhaps, few spectators noticed - his arrival on tow occurred while one of the noise-makers was displaying and the commentator was difficult to hear.
Could well have been a jammed elevator - there was certainly a partial application pushing to negative followed by a reverse input then another push and the outboard wings came off. An American couple standing right next to me noticed nothing of the incident.

21st Sep 2013, 20:13
I still vividly remember 34 years later the aerobatics on my instructor check flight with Andy Gough, what a great guy and who taught me a lot! My memory (possibly faulty) is that forgotten tools blocked the controls on his final flight.