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19th Sep 2013, 22:45
I'm after a new lens for my nikon camera.

The photography/surf holiday started well, until I decided to jump over the rocks, and "snap," the whole camera bag ended up in a rock pool. Luckily the camera body, and long lens were saved, unfortunately my 18-55mm lens ended up a little damp.

Despite my best efforts with the ginger's caravan hairdryer and a few bags of basmatti, the camera still gave me the message "no lens attached."

No worries (as we say in Cornwall), I'll get on e-b*y. Sourced one for about 50 quid, thought it was a bargain, then on the news that night, there was some story about a young child who'd been electrocuted by a fake charger bought from somewhere overseas.

How does one ascertain that the article is genuine ?

Here's what I'm after...
Nikon AFS DX Nikkor 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6G VR

was gonna' post this on the Computer and Internet issues forum, but 'reckon JB could offer wider experience :-)

19th Sep 2013, 22:46
PS, the light was crap, but the surf was ACE !

19th Sep 2013, 22:49
A fake Charger and a Camera lens, two different things.

Re the lens, how easy is it to copy exactly a true Nikon lens
in intricate detail ?

Looks closely at the photos of the product.

Check his feedback and buy off someone who sells
a lot of lens and has good feedback.

cockney steve
19th Sep 2013, 22:56
I'd suspect the lens has salt in it......anything that has had salt-water immersion, should be flushed with fresh-water. your lens is basically several precision glass lenses held in a precision telescoping housing.
the lens manufacturer should be able to dismantle, clean and rebuild at a substantially lower cost than a new assembly (salt is a bugger because it's hygroscopic...absorbs atmospheric moisture....so electrics are shorted-out /tracked to earth and the salty dampness makes a highly corrosive electrolyte.

Flush /soak in fresh water and then repeat in de-ionised/distilled water asap.

Airborne Aircrew
19th Sep 2013, 22:56
Check his feedback and buy off someone who sells
a lot of lens and has good feedback.

500N has it... Less than 1000 sales and less than 99% doesn't even get looked at any more. I have bought multiple $1000+ items off e-thing without a problem. I'd suggest you pay by PayPal too... They are the same company... It makes resolution of issues easier.

19th Sep 2013, 22:59
I just logged on to say use PayPal as well but see AA has already said it.

I wouldn't pay any other way.

19th Sep 2013, 23:01
I have had only positive experiences with buying camera equipment on eB*y.

I bought an unused (unwanted gift) camera from a young man who had bought it for his girlfriend's birthday, only to find that her parents had bought the identical item.
I also bought a used camera of the same type and a zoom lens (also used) and have been satisfied with the purchases.

All were from private individuals rather than traders, and all were bought in auctions.
I decided what I was prepared to pay and stuck to my limits.

19th Sep 2013, 23:04
No worries (as we say in Cornwall), I'll get on e-b*y. Sourced one for about 50 quid, thought it was a bargain, then on the news that night, there was some story about a young child who'd been electrocuted by a fake charger bought from somewhere overseas.

Just because something is real from manufacturer doesn't make it immune from hurting or killing someone...................Boeing, Beko etc etc

Airborne Aircrew
19th Sep 2013, 23:22

In fairness, I googled the hell out of it and have yet to find anyone who has died by an 18-55 lens...

Edited for silly tpo... :}

19th Sep 2013, 23:25
Re charger, just as a rule I do not leave chargers charging batteries
without me being there.

Partly because I don't trust chargers and partly all the battery issues
that have occurred over the years.

A A Gruntpuddock
19th Sep 2013, 23:53
I buy a LOT of stuff that way, especially through ebay.

For general sales, I always use a credit card because they give a good chance of getting your cash back - one company went bust but I got a full refund (eventually).

Had some items fail to arrive from ebay but always managed to get a full refund.

Trickier when you get a mis-described item because, whilst you are very likely to get a refund, you have to pay to send the item back (ebay rules).

This can be expensive for large or heavy items, especially from overseas.

A real danger is from the people who post items with detailed descriptions but send items which are clearly not as advertised, because they can send your blood pressure up to extreme levels!

They always claim that it was a genuine mistake because 'they don't know about these things'. But you still have to send it back at your expense!

You have to interpret the feedback, many apparently poor sellers get hit because they charge much more than the the actual cost of the stamps.

But buyers forget that it includes the cost of packaging, delivery to post offices, etc.

Also, putting a high p&p means that you can still make money, even if the actual winning bid is low (saves putting on a reserve).

Many charge a lot because the sellers ebay & Paypal charges are based on the bids only, not the overall value.

Some overseas sellers charge very large p&p for these reasons, always keep in mind the total you have to pay, not just the bid.

Things to look for are failures to deliver, poor or abusive communications, etc, but read the feedback, in many cases the buyer seems to be at fault.

If you get a duff item, immediately send a 'question' (email) to the seller stating exactly what is wrong and asking what they intend to do about it. Photographs come in very handy in case the problem escalates. Be polite, making demands or suggesting that the seller is a cheat will NOT help)

Don't listen to those who tell you that an item missing or damaged in transit is your problem, in most countries they are legally responsible for the item until it is delivered.

Fortunately, scammers are very rare and legitimate sellers will be keen to accommodate you to avoid getting poor feedback.

Loose rivets
20th Sep 2013, 01:10
I've got a couple of good Nikon lenses. Only want one.

18-70 and the famous 18 - 200 which sold for $1,000 when everyone was fighting over them.

The latter has stabilization and is of such a good general purpose range that I've never changed a lens 'in the field.'

Give us a buzz via PM if interested and I'll call you back on a landline. Can't skype mobiles.

Took this with the 18 - 70

http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v703/walnaze/PpruNe/Ooopnorth27_zps3a37b218.jpg (http://smg.photobucket.com/user/walnaze/media/PpruNe/Ooopnorth27_zps3a37b218.jpg.html)

I think this is the one, though mine is one of the first mark.

Buy Nikon DX 18-200mm f/3.5-5.6G VR Telephoto Zoom Lens online at John Lewis (http://www.johnlewis.com/nikon-dx-18-200mm-f-3-5-5-6g-vr-telephoto-zoom-lens/p230952765?kpid=230952765&s_kenid=4715e876-5fee-b5a9-1b07-000070d7dc65&s_kwcid=ppc_pla&tmad=c&tmcampid=73#media-overlay_show)

Airborne Aircrew
20th Sep 2013, 01:22
I'd also add the caveat that, if you can, but from your own country... It's a lot easier to deal after the fact if things go wrong...

20th Sep 2013, 03:29
Try to buy on the Bay from someone with not less than 99% positive feedback

If you see negatives on sellers feedback then read them carefully and make your own judgment. Late shipments are one thing that happens, but dodgy equipment comments will soon be seen. If you can trace a seller back to China its very possible its a knockoff.

Once a seller is over 2500 positive feedbacks you can more or less be sure they don't want an unhappy customer to be moaning and groaning about a problem buyer

Once you find a seller you think might be right to buy from then google the hell out of their name and contact them to ID who they really are.

Contact other users who bought from them. It's easy to do.

There's loads of front companies that are very good names but because of dealership restrictions are not allowed to see on the Bay or the Zon!

If you want any further help PM me and I'd be happy to assist further!

20th Sep 2013, 14:02
thanks for all the replies, much appreciated, Ginge. :-)

20th Sep 2013, 15:34
How does one ascertain that the article is genuine ?

As a general comment I've never been ripped off by an internet purchase, but have been ripped off* by a non-internet purchase.

*If you can find it, "HOW NOT TO BUY A GOOD USED PORSCHE" on the usergroups.

Face-to-face meeting, some trust, and a smidgen of luck all enter into it. Oh and not being gullible like I was.

Lightning Mate
20th Sep 2013, 15:36
Why not just go to a retailer and buy what you want?

Get new stuff with a warranty.

Never go near EE BE meself.

dubbleyew eight
20th Sep 2013, 15:47
a few years ago now I bought a nightscope on ebay for quite a few hundred dollars.
what I received in the mail was a CD explaining how to spoof all the checks and balances in the ebay system and use it for fraud.

when I queried the money back guarantee that ebay and paypal advertised I found it all to be utter bullshit.

if you ever see an item for sale by Raffaele Notarstefano give it a miss.
the guy is a petty criminal.

ebay are a pack of .....:mad:

20th Sep 2013, 15:56
Just bought a cracker of a new lens for my Nikon (55-200mm) which I got from Amazon. Brand spanking new, I might add and cost me a mere 105....a huge discount on the retail price. I've just checked, and they are offering the one you're looking for, for less than a ton....again, a considerable reduction.

20th Sep 2013, 23:18
Nikon AFS DX Nikkor 18-55mm F/3.5-5.6G VR

That's an el' cheapo lens, surely you're not saving that much by buying it on the bay' instead of a genuine retailer !

(Ginge.... also, check your PMs... I've just sent you one)

20th Sep 2013, 23:24
the lens manufacturer should be able to dismantle, clean and rebuild at a substantially lower cost than a new assembly

The 18-55 is a cheap, plastic, consumer-grade lens.... I don't think Nikon would be particularly interested in servicing it, and if they were, it would probably be cheaper to buy a new one, they're probably less than 100 anyway.