View Full Version : HOW do I get rid of tht effing Shangri La advert that covers to top left of PPRuNe!

Deepest Norfolk
19th Sep 2013, 20:12
Any ideas. It's really annoying.


19th Sep 2013, 20:14
At least you get the Shangri La mate.

I've got bleeding Argos at the top of mine!

Deepest Norfolk
19th Sep 2013, 20:16
What can I say, I clearly engender a higher class of spam! :)


19th Sep 2013, 20:17
You certainly do !!!

19th Sep 2013, 20:20
Deepest Norfolk:

Depending on which browser you use, you can install a browser extension called Adblock Plus. Once installed you'll lever see another advert on any web page ever again.

Adblock Plus is available for Mozilla's Firefox, Google's Chrome
and Opera's Opera. Not sure about Micr$oft's Internet Exploder though.

19th Sep 2013, 20:23
No adverts for me - I use Firefox with AdBlockPlus 2.3.2 (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Adblock_Plus)

There are versions for other browsers.

19th Sep 2013, 20:23
I was getting that ad as well, but once I stoped surfing those porn sites, it went away.


19th Sep 2013, 20:30
My wife gets up set if I watch footie on line, she OK with the porn., Can get a bit miffed with the gay stuff.http://i2.ifrm.com/13879/42/emo/sailor.gifhttp://i2.ifrm.com/13879/42/emo/sailor.gif

19th Sep 2013, 20:45
Doesn't work with me. When I try to download Adblock Plus for IE it goes to 'page cannot be displayed'.

19th Sep 2013, 20:45
Another vote for FF24.0+ Adblock Plus 2.3.2

No ads, anywhere, ever!

19th Sep 2013, 20:47

I'm not sure Adblock Plus works in Internet Exploder. I doubt it does, for obvious reasons.

Ancient Observer
19th Sep 2013, 20:50
Another vote for Adblock Plus with Firefox. Never an ad passes my screen.

19th Sep 2013, 20:51
There's an adblock plus Chrome extension, too. Wonderful stuff :D

19th Sep 2013, 20:52

19th Sep 2013, 20:59

That's the page that recognises that I have Internet Explorer and has a Big Green Bar to install it. No joy.

19th Sep 2013, 21:03
I'm getting that bloody Shangri-la ad too but only in Chrome, not on IE. :mad:

I've only just started to use Chrome as IE has become so bloated, my steam driven laptop takes an age to run it. :ugh:

EDIT: Adblock Plus installed, marvelous! Cheers.:ok:

19th Sep 2013, 21:10
if it's vertical, you can always use a tea towel (to cover the screen). :8

19th Sep 2013, 23:16
Which version of Tea Towel? I'm running XP, would Tea Towel 1.3 run on it or would I need to upgrade to Win8? :8

20th Sep 2013, 02:03
Hey everyone.

We're really sorry about this annoying ad and are happy to block it. However we need the domain name or url associated with it and we're not seeing it ourselves.

Can anyone capture the url associated with the ad and post it here?


20th Sep 2013, 02:05

Don't block the ad for MILFS and the lady with the thighs that could kick start a 747, I know she loves me really... ;)


20th Sep 2013, 04:08
Bung me down as a long-serving FF/Adblock Plus user.

As Cape said no ads, anywhere, ever! :)

Anyone know of an adblocker for iPad Safari browser?

20th Sep 2013, 07:10
Which version of Tea Towel?
an uplaundered one, preferably :p

20th Sep 2013, 08:05
Tea towel cleans up Ice Cream Sandwich and Gingerbread

20th Sep 2013, 08:11
If you use Internet Explorer then all you need to do is download ie7Pro and configure it to block adverts: https://www.google.com.au/#q=ie7pro

Be careful as it can try to take over and manage all downloads etc. so it does need a bit of 'fettling' but does a very good job and it is FREE!

20th Sep 2013, 10:59
Cracked it!!

I went to Adblock Plus for Internet Explorer - Free download and software reviews - CNET Download.com (http://download.cnet.com/Adblock-Plus-for-Internet-Explorer/3000-12512_4-75938563.html) and downloaded Adblock for IE from there. The usual plethora of invitations for toolbars and home pages but once through them it downloaded fine.

pPrune is now nice and clean and apparently I don't snore any more.

20th Sep 2013, 11:42
Glad you got it sorted. Odd you downloaded it from CNet, though: most searches would take you straight to the Adblock Plus site, where it is a fuss-free download. As you have noted, CNet isn't what it was.

20th Sep 2013, 14:15
MiguelIB - I've managed to capture the URL associated with the ad - it's a Googleads ad .. and it's still annoying the crap out of me, as well (I use Chrome).

http://googleads.g.doubleclick.net/aclk?sa=L&ai=CIXjGEEc8UqvDOc3clAXP5YGQCZr7voEEqqnA_VjEhIWeCxABIIGSjBBQ 2YXjjvn_____AWClqKqAqAHIAQSpAmq3WwmST4E-qAMBqgSEAU_QwbJUg25SKMiziSMgWKWS7dyg6G8ce8XjCbvrXUGquNlj2BNV UMdLbtWzw_mGLaoCyeKHFC3F_8kzZ9rheJYvw1T4ckxgZRZLEuLicli5VQch BVRq71-xeWv7tTO9G5NVdXf2GThZPkVSZIyun43cgE3DRX75TOlYwNgXcD3Pk77Ne6A GBIAHks6QJw&num=1&sig=AOD64_38cbVwki8_VNVRdtq3Fs7Fu_1Qhw&client=ca-ib_employment_sede_1&adurl=http://www.shangri-la.com/shanghai/jinganshangrila/

http: // googleads.g.doubleclick.net/aclk?sa=L&ai=CIXjGEEc8UqvDOc3clAXP5YGQCZr7voEEqqnA_VjEhIWeCxABIIGSjBBQ 2YXjjvn_____AWClqKqAqAHIAQSpAmq3WwmST4E-qAMBqgSEAU_QwbJUg25SKMiziSMgWKWS7dyg6G8ce8XjCbvrXUGquNlj2BNV UMdLbtWzw_mGLaoCyeKHFC3F_8kzZ9rheJYvw1T4ckxgZRZLEuLicli5VQch BVRq71-xeWv7tTO9G5NVdXf2GThZPkVSZIyun43cgE3DRX75TOlYwNgXcD3Pk77Ne6A GBIAHks6QJw&num=1&sig=AOD64_38cbVwki8_VNVRdtq3Fs7Fu_1Qhw&client=ca-ib_employment_sede_1&adurl=http://www.shangri-la.com/shanghai/jinganshangrila/

20th Sep 2013, 14:21
mikedreamer wrote

Anyone know of an adblocker for iPad Safari browser?

Adblock is available for Apple's Safari as well. It's a Safari extension and installed via Safari's extension/add-on manager, or whatever it's called in that browser.

20th Sep 2013, 14:49
I keep getting some naked bimbo on a wrecking ball swinging left to right and back across the screen......

oh no, that's on YouToobe

20th Sep 2013, 16:18
most searches would take you straight to the Adblock Plus site,

As I had previously posted. I could not download it from the Adblock site.

20th Sep 2013, 16:39
Thanks for capturing the url of the ad. We'll certainly block it.

Though we let users do what they want with regards to ad blockers our primary aim is to have advertisements that are directly relevant to you and thus are hopefully seen as (at least a little bit) valuable to you. If you ever see an ad that runs counter to this principal, please let us know.

Of course this site does require expenses to keep up and running - it doesn't run itself and certainly isn't free - and so keeping ads showing and supporting these advertisers does help to keep PPRuNe available to all.

...quietly steps off soapbox...

20th Sep 2013, 16:42

Understand about the revenue which the display of ads brings to Internet Brands. However, I'm sure there are quite a few users on PPRuNe who would be more than happy to part with a few dollars/Euro/insert-other-denomination-here, to help support PPRuNe. I know I would.

20th Sep 2013, 19:17
Another thumbs up for Adblocker.

Ads? what Ads?

27th Sep 2013, 20:24
I picked up this thread and eventually, with some difficulty downloaded Adblocker on to my Internet Explorer. Everything was fine and dandy except that a was having a security warning every time I changed pages. This evening I had to attach a long file to an email. I could not transfer it. Every time I tried I would have a warning of a problem with windows explorer and it would shut down the internet and restart it.

After I had uninstalled AdBlocker everything returned to normal.; and so did the ads, but I got my emails off.

27th Sep 2013, 23:58
An alternative to adblocker here (https://www.ghostery.com/) (Ghostery - highly recommended)

28th Sep 2013, 03:35
Adblock is available for Apple's Safari as well.

Thanks mate.

Worrals in the wilds
28th Sep 2013, 04:33
Don't block the ad for MILFS and the lady with the thighs that could kick start a 747, I know she loves me really... http://images.ibsrv.net/ibsrv/res/src:www.pprune.org/get/images/smilies/wink2.gif
I keep getting ads for a cougar club. I'm not sure if they're hoping I'll date one or join the team...:confused::}

28th Sep 2013, 11:15
I'm not sure if they're hoping I'll date one or join
the team..

Club Cougar: For Women Who Know What They Want! (http://www.clubcougar.us/what.htm)

You should feel glamorised Worrals. It looks like a
cool club to be in - hunting all those 20 something
year olds iso being the hunted.

Wonder if there's a similar club like that for us over
50 geriatrics for hunting down bimbos in their early
20s (and devouring 'em)....

Worrals in the wilds
28th Sep 2013, 18:34
Isn't it called the I'm An Airline Pilot Club? :E:}

29th Sep 2013, 01:45
If you have a Netgear (or maybe other) router you can block URLs. If you block "doubleclick" and "pagead" your Ppruning will become ad free. :)

29th Sep 2013, 08:47
The simplest solution is to use Firefox and include the No Script add-on.
I read somewhere that the same add-on is available for use with Chrome but that doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
Why would Google (Chrome) tolerate a script that blocks their revenue earner (Google ads, Google syndication etc)?
The only ads I see on these pages is the banner, headline type just above the start of the forum page (no big deal, it is totally unobtrusive) and a small one for flying schools, medicine stuff etc at the top right of the page. Again, totally unobtrusive.