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19th Sep 2013, 10:23
Talking to a young alpha male director of one of those hyper IT companies yesterday, I made a self-effacing remark about my capabilities. He didn't get it and instead interpreted it as having no respect for management. Hmm, talk about being thick, oh well, the feeling quickly became mutual after that.

I must be the new old-fashioned.

19th Sep 2013, 10:35
Ah, man, do you really want to work with or for such an empty suited buffoon in some neon lighted hell hole even if his cojones are big, which I doubt...?

As for zombies I like Rob....

Rob Zombie - Dead City Radio And The New Gods Of Supertown - YouTube


19th Sep 2013, 11:05
I had an annual appraisal which said that 'radeng does not suffer fools gladly, especially when they are in management'' A very fair assessment. In 32 years, I had 19 managers: 2 left of their own accord, the rest got pushed or made redundant, although one lasted a very long time after a conviction for gross indecency with two other men in a public lavatory. 18 months later, he had a conviction for drunk driving in a company car - normally an offence leading to dismissal - we wondered what he knew about senior managers to get away with it!

So I do have, in general, little respect for managers - the number of bad ones I have had far outweighs the number of good ones - of whom the best were Australian. Back in 1982, I went on a 2 week management course and decided I never wanted to be a manager!

19th Sep 2013, 12:04
does not suffer fools gladly

This is the sort of thing you can happily write on your own CV when asked "what is your worst characteristic".

does not suffer fools gladly, especially when they are in management

...and that, isn't.

19th Sep 2013, 13:36
does not suffer fools gladly, especially when they are in management

I bet those fools regularly do the circuit and probably know each other well. The management lackey I met yesterday said he does business with the management fools I took to court and received a significant payout. Those fools had signed an agreement not to make disparaging remarks about me, perhaps this is a way around it by using that poop chute licker I met yesterday.

Caco is right - these wannabes just aint worth it.

19th Sep 2013, 14:20
Fool Suffering is not one of my strong points.:)

Sadly, it matters not if they are real or imagined.:(

19th Sep 2013, 14:26
I outlasted all my UK based managers - and, as it happened, all my fellow employees - while my last one based in the US (an Australian and a good manager - one of the few) decided that he didn't agree with the orders from above to get rid of two thirds of engineering staff - so he did what he was told and then resigned himself!

And now I don't have to give a sh*t about managers...